Military Science Level III

All course descriptions carry behind the name and number a parenthesis ( ) indicating the credit hours, lecture hours, and the lab hours per week.

MSL 301 (3-3-2) Training Management and the Warfighting Functions: MSL 301 Cadets are challenged to study, practice, and evaluate adaptive team leadership skills as they are presented with the demands of the ROTC Advance Camp (CLC). Challenging scenarios related to small unit tactical operations are used to develop self-awareness and critical thinking skills. Cadets will receive systematic and specific feedback on their leadership abilities. The overall objective of this course is to integrate the principles and practices of effective leadership, military operations and personal development in order to adequately prepare students for the summer Advance Camp (CLC) Fall semester only (3 hr)

MSL 302 (3-3-4) Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations: MSL 302 uses increasingly intense situational leadership challenges to build cadet awareness and skills in leading small units. Skills in decision-making, persuading and motivating team members when "under fire" are explored, evaluated, and developed. Aspects of military operations are reviewed as a means of preparing for the ROTC Advance Camp (CLC) Cadets are expected to apply basic principles of the Law of Land Warfare, Army training, and motivation to troop leading procedures. Emphasis is also placed on conducting military briefings and developing proficiency in Garrison operation orders. MSL 302 Cadets are evaluated on what they "know" and "do" as leaders and will analyze and apply leadership principles to complex and varied Army operations. Spring semester only (3 hr)