Division of Legal, Audit, Risk and Compliance

The Division of Legal, Audit, Risk and Compliance (LARC) assists Fayetteville State University in carrying out its mission by managing its ethical, legal, and regulatory responsibilities. The Division consists of the following units: Legal, Internal Audit, Title IX and Compliance, Equity and Enterprise Risk Management.


Legal Affairs, in representing the best interest of Fayetteville State University, provides comprehensive high quality legal services on a wide range of legal issues.


Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides independent, objective evaluations and other services designed to add value and improve Fayetteville State University’s operations.



The Ombuds Office at Fayetteville State University (FSU) provides an independent, confidential environment for faculty, staff, and students to discuss campus-related concerns or problems. The mission of the office is to listen, offer options, facilitate resolutions, informally investigate, or otherwise examine complaints, concerns, or inquiries about alleged acts, omissions, improprieties and/or broader systematic problems independently and impartially.


Police and Public Safety

The primary mission of PPS is to ensure the safety and security of the FSU community, creating an environment where students, faculty, staff, and visitors can pursue their academic and personal goals with confidence and peace of mind. PPS accomplishes its mission by its commitment to providing enhanced public safety services through proactive policing and community engagement, serving the FSU community with integrity and respect, and cultivating an atmosphere conducive to maintaining positive community relationships.


Risk and Compliance

Compliance promotes an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to complying with policies, regulations and laws governing Fayetteville State University. Risk identifies, assesses, prioritizes and monitors significant University-wide risks that may adversely impact the University


Title IX

Title IX assists in fostering a safe and respectful environment at Fayetteville State University in an effort to protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors from incidents of sex/gender-based discrimination.



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