Campus Life

Campus Life

FSU students are looking for a place to call home when they arrive on campus. Here, we provide the opportunity to make the most of your university experience. At FSU, we foster leadership, success, and a place where you can thrive and grow. Here, our students are family. Whether you live in one of the residence halls or are a commuter student, we help you find your place! Our students participate in more than 100 groups and clubs and 10 Division II sports teams. They also serve in leadership positions, participate in community service, and work jobs. At FSU, our city embraces our students and campus. We have some of the best fans in the state and the student body and others from the FSU alumni and family participate in annual events such as Homecoming and our Fine Arts programs. At FSU there is always something to do and someone to do it with. There is something for everyone.

Student Life

Steeped in tradition and bubbling with activities, Student life at FSU is rich with an array of exciting co-curricular experiences. From thriving student organizations, intramural sports, social activities, speakers and cultural events, you will find there is always something to do. Whether you reside on campus in one of the residence halls or commute daily to campus, you will be embraced by the Bronco family and engaged in student life. It's the Bronco Way!


Newly Renovated state of the art Student Center serves as the hub for campus life.


A New Health and Wellness Center is coming in 2019



We have a tight-knight community but still plenty of green space to spread out!


From dorms to apartments, we have what you are looking for.

Who We Are

At FSU, we celebrate diversity. We are a diverse public university and have students from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. At FSU, you will make friends from all walks of life.


No matter where you choose to live, in one of our 3 freshmen communities or 6 upper-class housing options, we will make you feel at home. Resident Advisors foster cohesive communities and all around fun. Each university community provides free laundry facilities, WIFI, and cable service as well as free bus passes for University residence hall students.

Traditions & Events

At a University that is celebrating its Sesquicentennial, there are more than 200 celebrations and traditions that take place at FSU. From our numerous sporting events and the Annual Homecoming Game and Parade that brought out a record number of fans and spectators this year, to unending opportunities to get involved in or become a spectator to our various Fine Arts activities, at FSU there is always something going on and happening.


It is our job to keep you safe and we take that responsibility seriously. From a police department post on campus that patrols regularly and is available 24/7, to extra precautions and safety measures all over campus, we want you to feel safe at home on campus.

Res Non Verba

Our students embody the spirit of determination, pushing beyond their limits to achieve their goals. Through discipline, hard work, and perseverance, they inspire us all to reach for our own personal bests. Bronco pride is contagious.