Academic Resources

As a student, you may have a moment when you recognize that you can use some extra assistance in completing or planning academic work, finding new ways to take a class, finding internship opportunities and connecting with your college advisors. Fayetteville State University offers many resources and services to help you along the path to completing your degree.

Academic Advising

We have academic advisors for all majors across campus including: Military Affiliated students, Special Visiting or Professional Development, First-Time Freshman, Undecided, Business, Education, Biological Scineces, Communication, Languages and Cultures, English, Performing and Fine Arts, Criminal Justice, Fire and Emergency Services Administration, Government and History, Mathematics and Computer Scinece, Chemistry and Physics, Nursing, Professional Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and CAS Online Degree Completion Programs . Please view the chart on the Academic Advising page to find your advisor's contact information.

Academic Support

We have tutorial services in our Mathematics Support Center as well as in the Writing Center. We also offer Supplemental Instruction in some classes where SI leaders provide three one-hour sessions of academic support each week. Also, if you qualify, Student Support Services will also help to enhance students' academic skills.

To view specific resources like Banner, Declare/Change Major, the Library or other student support, visit the Current Student Resources pages.

In 2011, I separated from the military after losing my husband in Afghanistan and moved to the Fort Bragg area. After taking a year off, I decided to use my GI Bill and further my education at FSU. The transition was a bit difficult for me but Admissions helped me through the process.
Catia Kelly
Accounting and Banking & Finance, '17
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