Joyner Hall

Joyner Hall is a historical brick hall with white trim that has been recently renovated and modernized with new furniture and plasma television in the lobby; drop ceilings, vibrant coats of wall paint, and a quiet room in which students can lounge, study, or play games.


Joyner Hall can accommodate up to 98 students with large double occupancy rooms on three different floors of this enclosed residence hall. Joyner Hall is located on the west side of campus close to the Student Center, the Lyon's Science Building, and the Spaulding Infirmary Building. This residence hall is also within close walking distance to the Seabrook Auditorium and the Bronco Square Plaza. Joyner Hall has a spacious and grassy courtyard with benches for students to enjoy the shaded areas in the spring and summer.

  • Occupancy: Double
  • Classification: Freshman
  • Type: Traditional

  • Rates:
    (2018-2019) Annual: $4,298.00
    (2018-2019) Semester: $2,149.00

    (2019-2020) Annual:  $4,512.90 
    (2019-2020) Semester: $2,256.45

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Assistant Resident Director 
Joyner Hall 27
(910) 672-2412

Hall Phone: (910) 672-2412