Smith Hall

Smith Hall's  accommodations include double occupancy rooms on two different floors of this enclosed residence hall. Smith Hall is located on the west side of campus next to the H.L. Cook Building, the Lyon's Science Building, and the Spaulding Infirmary Building. This residence hall is also within close walking distance to the Seabrook Auditorium and the Bronco Square Plaza. Smith Hall shares a spacious and grassy courtyard, with Joyner Hall located directly across from Smith Hall. 

  • Occupany: Double
  • Type: Traditional

  • Rates:
    (2018-2019) Annual: $4,298.00
    (2018-2019) Semester: $2,149.00

    (2019-2020) Annual:  $4,512.90
    (2019-2020) Semester: $2,256.45