Communications and Events

Communications and Events supports all efforts of Fayetteville State for students, alumni and the community.

Communications and Events specifically houses these areas:

  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Public Relations
  • Publications

We are committed to working with our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends to enhance and unite the Bronco community through the production and management of many of the university's events and programs as well as communications through marketing and public relations efforts. Everything we do is an opportunity to emphasize our continued commitment to our mission. 

Our Staff

Jeffrey Womble, Assoc. VC for Communications | | 910-672-1474

Alfreda Comartie, Special Events Coordinator | | 910-672-1066

LaShanta McCorkle, Public Communications Specialist | | 910-672-1609

Ben Minter, Assist. VC for Events Management | | 910-672-1838

Tina Raines, Director of Marketing | | 910-672-1697

Tammy S. Owens, Administrative Support Associate | | 910-672-1661

La'Won Williams, Director of University Publications | | 910-672-1377

Vacant, Web Content Manager | Please contact Tina Newcomb for assistance | | 910-672-1697