The Research and Technology Transfer Office at Fayetteville State University promotes collaboration, innovation, technology transfer, partnership, and supports economic development. Our students are an integral part of research, innovation and programming activities. We support the preparation of our students for employment at government agencies, national labs and industries.

Collaborate with FSU

With a growing campus located eight miles from Fort Liberty, the largest military base in the U.S., and one hour south of North Carolina's Research Triangle, the largest research park in the U.S., Fayetteville State University is in a prime location geographically to become one of the leading educational research institutions of the southeastern United States. FSU is capitalizing on every opportunity presented by its physical proximity to these entities by partnering with individuals and administrations that recognize and respect FSU's dedicated, innovative and internationally esteemed faculty. These affiliations are not only providing an outlet for the research endeavors of our faculty and staff, they are providing a conduit through which the expertise of these outside entities can influence and enhance research and instruction at FSU.

Patents & Innovations

FSU’s mission of discovering and transmitting knowledge and providing service to the public creates an environment that is conducive to the conception and development of inventions. Read more in our up-to-date patent and innovations document.

Prototyping Laboratory

Allows inventors and innovators a chance to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative ideas on a small scale, prove the feasibility and potentially validate the innovation by building a prototype.


FSU currently holds several patents for intellectual property developed at the university: Agro-tiling, Medical Devices, Nanocrystal Production, Targeted Pesticide and Pollution Remediation.

Res Non Verba

Our students embody the spirit of determination, pushing beyond their limits to achieve their goals. Through discipline, hard work, and perseverance, they inspire us all to reach for our own personal bests. Bronco pride is contagious.