Academic Advising

Fayetteville State University provides professional advisors to assist students on their path to degree completion.

We encourage you to make an appointment right away to meet your academic advisor. Find an advisor based on department and/or major:

Broadwell College of Business and Economics

Undergraduate Programs: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Management, and Management Information Systems

Ms. Ann Howard, Transfer and Advisement Center Director, Phone: (910) 672-1595, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Room 332,
Mr. Julius Cook, Phone: (910) 672 1217, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Room 318, 

Pre-Major Programs: Pre-Banking and Finance, Pre-Business-Administration, and Pre-Management Information Systems

Mr. Rodney McCrowre, Phone: (910) 672-2142, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Room 359, 

Graduate and Professional Studies in Business

Ms. Berrak Walters,  Graduate Student Advisor, Phone: (910) 672-1218, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Room 360, 

Fire and Emergency Services Administration Program

Mr. Gardell Chavis, Phone: (910) 672-2684, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Room 320,

College of Education

Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Reading, and Special Education; Department of Health, Physical, and Secondary Education

Ms. Annette Umerah, Phone: (910) 672-1532, Location Butler Building, Room 344, 
Ms. Beverley Lammie, Phone: 910-672-2047, Location: Butler Building, Suite 242, Email:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures; Department of English: Literature, Teaching, Pre-Law, and Creative & Professional Writing; Department of Performing and Fine Arts

Mr. Jared Burton, Phone: (910) 672-1605, Location: Telecommunications Building, Room 209, Email: 

Department of Criminal Justice

Ms. Bionca Bright, Phone: (910) 672-1175, Location: Lauretta Taylor Building, Room 321E, Email:

Department of Psychology

Mr. Amyn Abduk-Khaliq, Phone: (910) 672-1104, Location: Nursing Building, Room 227,

School of Social Work

Ms. Constance Woods, Phone: (910) 672-2514, Location: Lauretta J. Taylor Building, Room 210, Email:

Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies; Department of Intelligence Studies, Geospatial Sciences, Political Science, and History

Ms. Allison Hunter, Phone: (910) 672-2322, Location: Taylor Science Building, Room 108A, Email:

College of Health, Sciences, and Technology

Department of Biological and Forensic Sciences

Ms. Shawnta Cummings, Phone: (910) 672-2625, Location: Lyons Science Annex, Room 220, Email:

Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Material Science; FSU 3+2 Dual Degree Engineering Program; Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ms. Carol Marshall, Phone: (910) 672-2913, Location: Science and Technology Building, Room 112, Email:

School of Nursing


Ms. Jacinta Williams, Phone: (910) 672-1925, Location: Nursing Building, Room 108B, Email: 

Pre-Nursing, Nursing Pre-Licensure

Ms. Lisa Scurry, Phone: (910) 672-2615, Location: Nursing Building, Room 327, Email:

Ms. Bridgett Elliott, Phone: (910) 672-1999, Location: Nursing Building, Room 303, Email:

University College

First-Time Freshman

University College Freshman Center, Helen T. Chick Building, First Floor, (910) 672-1060, Freshman Seminar Instructor is the advisor until the major is declared. The contact listing of instructors that teach UNIV 101, 102, and 110 is located at the bottom of the First Year Initiative's webpage.

Military Affiliated

Ms. Veronica Alexander, Director, Phone: (910) 672-2965, Location: Bragg Training and Education Center, Building B, Suite 102,

Non-Degree Seeking, Special Visiting and Professional Development

Ms. Cheryl McGhee, Phone: (910) 672-1229, Location: College of Business and Economics Building, Suite 130, 

Online Degree Completion Programs (CRJC, PSYC, SOCI), Undecided Students in the College of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Wesley Brown, Phone: (910) 672-2571, Location: Science and Technology Building, Room 110, Email:  

New Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Gregory DeLone, Phone: (910) 672-2427, Location: Science and Technology Building, Room 113,