FSU Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Welcome to FSU at SJAFB! Your place for earning an MBA at one of the nation's top programs and constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. We are here to help you and local Goldsboro NC community earn an MBA from a Nationally Ranked Program.

Why Choose an MBA with us?

Real Tools for the Real World:

  • Practical Theory
  • Experiential Learning
  • Information Integration
  • Tailored Teamwork

All business schools teach similar core subject areas of general management, finance, marketing, operations and information technology. We not only cover the basics, we implement a beneficial teaching technique: textbook knowledge is combined with real world applications and practicum.

What will you learn?

Tools that Matter:

We define "tools" as something that make it possible for you to accomplish a task. We believe that the tasks with the utmost importance revolve around understanding:

  • What works, but also understanding why
  • How to define problems and what you need to solve them
  • How all the parts of an organization interrelate
  • How to coordinate and cooperate with others

If these are the tasks, you are doing to need tools to address them. That's where we come in:

Practical Theory: brings ideas from the textbook and treatise and makes them actionable. This applies for people who are already employed, and for those who are just entering the work force.

Experiential Learning: gives students opportunities to test out their learning while studying through internships, case studies, and learning from professors and students with work experience, both domestically and globally.

Information Integration: is about seeing the big picture of organizational life, where we combine information about an organization's functional areas. This allows, for example, the graduate who becomes an accountant to understand the functional reasons for human resources and marketing (and all the other parts).

Tailored Teamwork: speaks to learning to function, interchangeably, as a leader and follower -- a team member. We teach the merits and the reasons for cooperation and coordination and give you opportunities to practice.