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We are facilities professionals dedicated to operation and maintenance of the campus physical plant. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to all our customers, whether you are a student, faculty, staff or guest.

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Housekeeping Administration: The Housekeeping staff is supervised by the Housekeeping Administrator who, in turn, reports to the Director of Operations.

A. Housekeeping Procedures: Custodial cleaning.

1. Purpose: To describe the procedures for requesting Physical Plant support for the setup of special events, to describe the limits of such service, and the cost associated with this service.

2. Scope: This procedure pertains to all requests for all event setup. Fees will be charged for all events with the exception of university functions such as Graduation Ceremonies and Homecoming Celebrations.

3. Definition: Special events are events or activities that that requires specific manpower/assistance from the Physical Plant. Vendor services coordination, facility set-up for programs, and custodial clean up during and after the event are some of the services provided for special events.

4. Requests for Service: All requests for event support should be made on a facilities request form, which requires authorization signature approval from the appropriate Dean or Department Manager. All requests for event setup are considered departmental service requests and the requesting department will be charged for the desired service. Requests for service for special events should be submitted two (2) weeks in advance to permit scheduling and adequate preparation.

5. Event Cleaning Fees

Helen Chick Bldg. $120
Seabrook Auditorium $120
Lilly Gymnasium $240
Shaw Auditorium $120
Continuing Education $60
Butler Theater $120
Health & P.E. Complex $500

6. Other Trade Event Fees

Carpentry or Electrical $20.00 per hour

B. Procedure #2: Moving and Hauling Service

1. Purpose: To provide guidance regarding the request for moving and hauling services.

2. Scope: This procedure pertains to all requesting departments. Moving and Hauling Service is provided for the movement of furniture, equipment and other items within and between campus facilities.

3. Procedure: All requests for moving or hauling furniture and other items must be initiated by a Work Order Request. This service is provided as a regular maintenance and at no charge to academic departments. All others will be charged for moving and hauling at a rate of $25 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.

3.1 Surplus Property: If the request pertains to the hauling away of surplus equipment or furniture, the requestor must obtain the serial number of the equipment and the signature of the Surplus Property Officer, Mr. Brian Mayers, prior to submission of the Work Order Request Form. A move of surplus property will not be performed without this documentation.
3.2 Scheduling of Moves: Members of the Roads & Grounds Department perform moving and hauling services when time permits. Every effort shall be made to schedule and perform this work in a timely manner.
3.3 Limits of Service: The Division of Facilities Management does not provide delivery service for either the Print Shop or the Central Warehouse. Contact each of these departments for the delivery of products. The Department does not run errands or make off campus deliveries of mail or other items.