Fayetteville State University Thanksgiving Message

From The Office Of Chancellor Darrell T. Allison
Date: November 24, 2022

Chancellor Allison Masthead

We believe Fayetteville State University is an institution of high distinction. What makes it that way? You! Our outstanding faculty and staff. Each of you come together, every day, to ensure student success, deepen community relations, innovate ideas and concepts, challenge the status quo and push the limits in research all through unyielding care and concern. For those things, and so much more, we are grateful.

The FSU team is unparalleled. Your dedication, passion and professionalism are what makes this institution the preferred choice for almost 7,000 students and growing.

During this season of thanksgiving, we simply say, you are appreciated!

Thank you for serving our campus and constituents. Thank you for showing the Cumberland County community and beyond how diversity of thought, teamwork and partnership can produce excellence that knows no bounds.

Thank you for boldly exemplifying Bronco Spirit and Bronco Pride!

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