Experience THIS: Air Force ROTC at FSU

“Air Force ROTC at FSU is a community and environment...”

Lynette Medina

Story by Janet Gibson, photo by Cindy Burnham.

For Cadet Lynette Medina, the Air Force ROTC program at Fayetteville State University provided her with the opportunity of a lifetime. She was a summer intern at the Pentagon - one of only 19 college students chosen nationally for the honor.

"I was in awe every day about the work ethic, seamless structure and tireless commitment of our military," she says. "I feel like I learned more in two months than I could have possibly imagined - not only about my future career, but about life itself."

The experience also provided invaluable networking as Cadet Medina, 21, embarks on her journey to become a career Air Force officer with an eye toward the U.S. Space Force or Public Affairs. She is currently a senior Communications major with a minor in Military Technologies.

Cadet Medina was motivated to apply for the Pentagon opportunity after becoming a member of the Arnold Air Society, an honorary service organization that is open to students in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or ROTC. The society promotes scholarships, networking and internships.

"Lynette" grew up as an Army brat. Her dad is an enlisted soldier, and she was born on Fort Bragg. While attending Seventy-First High School, she wasn't involved in ROTC, but one of her National Honor Society faculty advisors was the ROTC instructor. After she sought out his advice, she took it and turned her attention to ROTC at FSU - and hasn't looked back.

"Air Force ROTC at FSU is a community and environment," she says, "that encourages personal growth, to get out of your comfort zone and to do something that is greater than yourself."

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