FSU Scholars Present At Summit

Date: January 06, 2021

Dr. Naadiya Hopkins from the Division of Student Affairs, and Dr. Noran L. Moffett from the School of Education, will present a virtual live session at the 2021 Black Student-Athlete Summit from January 6-8, 2021. The title of their presentation is "The Plight of Athletics Administrators' and Coaches' Amongst the Reawakening of Athletes' in Activism." The theme for the conference this year is "The Black Student-Athlete: Woke! Now What?"

In their presentation, Hopkins and Moffett state that "Woke! Now What?" is a question we should all be asking ourselves. In the era of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, health inequities exposed through COVID-19, and a tense political landscape, our student-athletes clearly have made their voice heard. Through protests, institutional demands, marches, refusing to play, and holding institutions accountable, our student-athletes are woke. But where do we go from here? The presentation notes that if we truly care for our student-athletes, we must position them to further develop in ways that will promote not only their well-being, but the well-being of their peers, families, and communities. We must ensure that they have the practical leadership skills to be effective change agents on campus and beyond.

For additional information, please visit https://diversity.utexas.edu/blackstudentathletesummit/.

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