Residence Halls

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Hall Rates

     2018-2019 Housing Rates

Residence Hall Annual Rate Semester Rate Specific Information
Hackley Honors Hall $4,948.00  $          2,474.00 Global Scholars/Female
Harris Hall $4,298.00  $          2,149.00 FFR Male
Hood Hall $4,298.00  $          2,149.00 Dual Enrollment/Transfer
Joyner Hall $4,298.00  $          2,149.00 FFR Male
New Residence Hall $4,948.00  $          2,474.00 LEAP/FFR Female
Renaissance Hall (Double) $6,557.00  $          3,278.50 FFR CO-ED/TRANSFER
Renaissance Hall (Quad) $6,782.00  $          3,391.00 Upperclassmen
UPA Phase I $6,639.00  $          3,319.50 Upperclassmen
UPA Phase II  $6,912.00  $          3,456.00 Upperclassmen

Community Amenities

Wi-Fi Access

All rooms in the residence halls are equipped with Wi-Fi access.

Custodial Services

A professionally trained custodial staff cleans each hall's public areas. Restrooms are cleaned daily, and hallways, lounges, and lobbies are cleaned on a routine schedule.

Air Conditioners/Heat

All residence halls are fully air-conditioned and heated.

Telephone services

A local telephone line is not provided in your room. Located in the common area of every hall is a local telephone line for residents use.

Building Safety and Security

All residence halls use digital recording systems with scanning cameras to record activity in public areas. All residence halls contain hard-wired heat/smoke detectors and alarm horns.

Free Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are located in laundry rooms found either in a central location or on individual floors of the hall, depending on the building. The machines are easily accessed by using your student Bronco Card.