Career Services

Career Services at Fayetteville State University is committed to educating and preparing our diverse student and alumni population for graduate/professional schools and the world of work by offering career development programs and services. Through collaborative partnerships, best practices, research, technology, and the provision of professional support that leads to student success, our goal is for FSU students and alumni to become talented professionals in pursuit of their desired career paths while being exemplary contributors to society at large.

Upcoming Events:

Career week

Career Week - Prepare for the Virtual Fair!

Monday, Sept. 28 LinkedIn Zoom Link:

Tuesday, Sept. 29 Resume Zoom Link:

Wednesday, Sept. 30 Networking Zoom Link:

Thursday, Oct. 1 Navigating Zoom Link:

Friday, Oct. 2 Etiquette Zoom Link:

Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair

Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair Booth 

Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair

Wednesday, October 7
Thursday, October 8
11 am to 4 pm
(910) 672-1205