Clubs & Organizations

With more than 100 clubs and student organizations, FSU provides something for everyone!

Joining a student club or organization helps to connect students to Student Life and serve as an avenue for you to grow as a leader, serve your community and impact your campus and surrounding community.

For student club or  organizations that would like to render service through one or more of the approved list of community partners who have a signed a Community Partner Agency Profile and Agreement with the FSU Office of Civic Engagement and Service Learning please click here.

"Being President of the Weekend Activities Committee has allowed me to develop a stronger bond with my peers."
Dannielle Fuller
Dannielle Fuller is a Junior at FSU studying Sociology.

Current club/organization members who would like to reactivate an organization already established on campus must complete an Application for Reactivation through Bronco Advantage.

The following must be in order for the application to be given consideration:

  1. An application, complete with appropriate signatures, must be submitted by the established deadline (2 weeks from date of application issuance)
  2. An updated constitution/bylaws is attached to the application
  3. Appropriate charter information is attached to the application
  4. The organization ended the previous academic year in good standing with the University

For more information see the FSU Student Handbook.


Start a New Student Organization

Can’t find an organization that piques your particular interest? Be a trailblazer and start a new organization.

Remember, applying organizations cannot induct new members nor function in any manner as an organization without receiving written notice from the Office of Student Engagement that the application has been approved. Deadlines for establishing new organizations are September 30 for fall applicants and February 28, for spring applicants.

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Steps to starting a club or organization at FSU
Step 1

Decide what you would like this club or organization to accomplish.

Does a club or organization with similar goals and objectives already exist? If so, why create another?

Can this club or organization enhance student life?

Step 2

Research to find out if there is a similar organization that exist on the national level.

If so, attempt to make contact with this organization to assist with the establishment of your organization.

Step 3

Hold an organization meeting to gauge interest in your organization.

Will this be a here today-gone tomorrow organization?

Ask a few other students if they might be interested in organizing a club. Be careful - - sometimes less is better. It’s hard to organize with too many people. If your organization is recognized, you will have plenty of time to recruit new members. Are these students committed? You don’t want to be left doing all the work.

Step 4

Find a university official who is willing to serve as your advisor.

Clearly explain what you are trying to do.

Explain the type of activities you would like to plan.

Note: Be mindful that an advisor must be a full time faculty or staff member at FSU. They must attend all meetings and functions sponsored by the organization.

Do you realistically think that the university official is willing or has the time to support your objectives? Note: Be mindful that a university official can only be Advisor to two organizations during an academic year.

Step 5

Submit the Request for Establishment of a New Organization Form.

Make it neat! - - - you’re trying to impress and establish your club as a professional organization.

Complete all of the items requested in detail. Failure to do so will lengthen the process. (Do it right the first time!)

Make sure you have all the necessary signatures.

Make sure that your constitution does not conflict with University Policies and Procedures.

Carefully review your packet before submitting it to the Office of Student Engagement in the Rudolph Jones Student Center.

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