Scholarship Types

High School Scholarships (HSSP): The High School Scholarship Program is open to high school. HSSP scholarships are announced annually through the Air Force ROTC website. This website contains information regarding eligibility, application procedures, and the online application

In-College Scholarship Program (ISCP): Depending upon the availability of Air Force funding, the In-College Scholarship Program is available to current AS 100 and AS 200 level cadets. This is a national competition that will pay tuition, books and a tax-free stipend. The competition is tough and offer students the ability to decide on an academic major of their choice

All information regarding the In-College Scholarship program will flow from HQ AFROTC directly to our Recruiting Flight Commander. Due to constantly changing information, this program isn't posted on the national website. For the most current information, please feel free to contact the detachment at (910) 672-1464 or by email at

Scholarship Information

  • All scholarships include an up to $900 or $450 per semeter annual book allowance.
  • All scholarships include a monthly stipend of $300 to $500.
  • All academic majors are eligible to compete. 80% of scholarships are awarded to technical majors.
  • All non-technical majors offered at Det 607 are eligible to compete for AFROTC scholarships.