Welcome to the Student Success Learning Center!

The FSU Learning Center is comprised of the Math Support Center, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Writing and Communication Center, and Bronco STAR. We are located in the Helen T. Chick building Suite 103, and we welcome the opportunity to meet you

Math Support Center Provides one-on-one/group tutoring in various courses such as 100 & 200 level math courses, Statistics, and more. Located in Helen T. Chick Bldg, Rm. 216C.

Supplemental Instruction Targets historically difficult courses by offering regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted course.

Writing Center Helps build writing skills for any course for any writing assignment through individualized tutorials. Located in Helen T. Chick Bldg. Rm. 216B.

Bronco STAR An academic support program at Fayetteville State that works toward increasing access and decreasing barriers to a college degree for students who learn differently.

Upswing This online service provides 24/7 tutoring in various subjects to all FSU students.

StudentLingo A series of interactive on-demand workshops, action plans, and valuable resources that focus on helping students achieve their academic, personal, and career goals.

Extension Grade Contracts

An extension grade allows students who complete all course requirements, attend 10 hours of academic support, and still earn a D or F to repeat the course without penalty to protect their GPA.

For more information about Extension Grade Contracts or if you would like to sign up for an Extension Grade Contract, please contact our Lead Academic Support Coordinator, Mr. Greg Simon at (910) 672-1864.

Upswing resources