First Year Initiative

Freshman Center

The Freshman Center Team helps entering freshman transition into college by providing academic advisement, support, and enrichment. Here is a more detailed explanation of our services:

Academic Advisement: Our Academic Support Specialists, Retention Counselors, and Program Coordinators will help you choose classes, stay connected to FSU, and navigate student services/support.

Academic Support: Our Academic Support Center provides a variety of academic skills building services to first-year students. They are available through the University College Learning Center.

Academic Enrichment: We provide a variety of programs to make the first-year experience special. Some of these programs include:

Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs): All first-year students are advisor-registered for courses based on intended major or interest. In addition, your FIG Instructor will serve as your academic advisor for the entire first year.

Chancellor's Reading Club: First-year students read a common text selected each year.

Bridge Builder's Leadership Development Program: We pair each student with a trained faculty, staff, or alumni mentor and participate in a variety of leadership development and team building activities designed to help you learn more about FSU and discover your leadership potential.

Welcome to the Freshman center! We are ready and happy to help you reach your first-year goals. Scroll down to find your academic advisor.