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We are your one source for all course related materials. It is our job to process the Course Material Adoption you turn in, source those materials, stock them in the store and get them into your students' hands in the most efficient manner possible.

The Fayetteville State University Bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group. We manage bookstores on more than 1200 college and university campuses nationwide.

Follett's Vision:

At Follett, we want to empower education everywhere learning is happening.

Follett's Mission:

We bring together educational content, products and technologies to prepare the next generation of learners and educators. By working as a trusted partner to schools and institutions, we help educators drive success for students from their first day of school through college graduation and beyond.

The Fayetteville State University Bookstore administers the University's Textbook Rental Program. Under this program your students acquire the majority of their books by paying a flat fee as part of their tuition. All non-consumable books over $25.00 that are used at least every other semester for a minimum of 4 semesters are eligible for the program.

Textbook Adoption Due Dates

Spring Term due October 15th
Summer Term due March 15th
Fall Term due April 15th

Rental Selection Guide

The Textbook Rental Program is a service the University provides to its students to ensure that they have their books for courses. In order for books to be on the rental program, they must meet the following criteria:

1) The books must be over $25.00
2) The books must be non-consumable (Loose-Leaf texts, Workbooks, Study-Guides, Lab Manuals & Access Codes are all considered consumable)
3) The books must be used in courses (singly or in combination) at least every other semester
4) The books selected for rental must be used a minimum of four semesters

Any books not meeting the above criteria will be offered to the students as purchase titles outside the rental program.

Submitting Adoptions

Orders may be submitted:

- online via FollettDiscover in the Canvas LMS
- by email to mhall3@uncfsu.edu or 0320txt@follett.com
- in writing using our Textbook Adoption Form (provided each semester with the booklist)

All adoptions submitted must include Department, Course and Section for the class; estimated enrollment; and the Author, Title, and ISBN for each book. Titles should also be indicated as required or recommended. If no text is required for your course, please notify the Bookstore so we can let your students know when they inquire about textbooks.