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Adoption Due Dates

Spring Term 10/15
Summer Term 3/15
Fall Term 4/15

HEOA requires 100% course material adoption compliance by the first day of finals in the Spring and Fall terms.


Contact Information:

Max M. Hall, Jr.
Course Material Manager

Phone: (910)672-1277
Fax: (910)484-4740


books shelvedWe are the Fayetteville State University Course Material Store.

As the name implies we are your source for all course material needs for your classes, whether you are working towards a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree.

Why Course Materials and not Textbooks?

The textbook industry has expanded well beyond the traditional printed page text.  Online learning components have become a standard in today's classroom environment.  Beyond that there are all the things that you are required to have for class, such as lab manuals and notebooks, safety goggles, art supplies, bluebooks, scantron sheets, even pencils and paper!

Textbook Rental

FSU is relatively unique among institutions of higher learning in that students receive the majority of their textbooks under a rental program that is paid for as part of their tuition.

Students sign a contract agreeing to return their books to the FSU Bookstore in good condition, by the due date for the term in which they have checked out the books.  Good condition means no torn or missing covers, no torn or missing pages and most especially no water damage.  If the books are not returned in good condition by the due date then the student is charged the replacement cost by the university.  Students are also responsible for replacement if their books are lost or stolen so make sure you keep yours safe!


The complete booklist is now available in the university catalogs.

Undergraduate Catalog - All Courses A-Z
Graduate Catalog - All Courses A-Z


Purchase Books

Unfortunately, not all of the course materials used at FSU qualify for the rental program.  There are three primary reasons your material may be purchase instead of rental.

Consumeable - The material is one-time-use, such as lab manuals, study guides, or online access codes.  Once you use it, no-one else can.

Low Price - Materials under $25.00, such as novels do not qualify for the rental program.

Limited Usage - Items for classes that are only taught once every two years or for classes where the material changes significantly every year (ie Tax Codes) are not eligible for the rental program.


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