Tuition and Fees based Rental Program

Fayetteville State University has been one of the leaders in developing the low-cost rental alternative for student course materials. Our program has been used as the model for development of similar programs at universities across the country.

Students pay a flat fee based on whether they are full time or part time students. This fee allows the students to check out the majority of their textbooks from the Bookstore without incurring any additional cost for covered materials.*

Items Not Covered by Rental:

Students are still responsible for purchase of 'Consumable Materials' such as lab manuals or access codes, 'Books Under $25.00' such as novels, and for 'Limited Usage' items such as optional texts or books for courses that are not taught at least one semester per year. Even so, this still results in significant savings over the traditional textbook environment.

*Books must be returned in good condition before close of business on the due date or the student is charged the replacement cost for the material.

How our Rental Program Works:

To rent your books, come to the Fayetteville State University Bookstore in Bronco Square Shopping Center. Have your 'Bronco ID Card' and your 'Banner ID Number' ready when you get to the rental counter and our staff will gather your rental books for you.

You are responsible for returning your rental books to the store in good condition before close of business on the due date for the term in which they are checked out.

Good condition means no torn or missing pages, no torn or missing covers and especially no water damage.

All undergraduates are automatically part of the Rental Program.Graduate and Doctoral Students have the choice to 'Opt-In' to the Rental Program.

Distance Education Students

Distance Education students who need their books shipped should call Paula Hodges at 910-672-1278. There is a small charge for shipping.

Graduate Opt-In Instructions

It is recommended that these students contact the bookstore one or two weeks prior to start of term to determine if it is in their best interest to opt-in for the term.

If you choose to participate in the rental program please email Cynthia Jones at in the University Bursar's Office. Include your full name and Banner ID number in the email requesting to be added to the rental program.