Information Technology Services

As an institutional support services unit, we are here to support your technology needs. The rapidly changing path of information technology is expanding the borders of how we learn, discover, and communicate. ITS at FSU provides a solid infrastructure to help FSU improve the quality of education and research, prepare our students for work in the twenty-first century, expand its role in the community and around the world, and act as good stewards of the university resources.

Our Mission

To support the mission and strategic priorities of the University, Information Technology Services (ITS) strives to meet the rapidly evolving technology needs of the University by providing current, reliable, and secure resources (hardware, software, and applications) while facilitating a great user experience.

Technology @ FSU

FSU strives to maintain currency in technology that is needed for teaching, learning, and managing the university.  While we don't attempt to be on the bleeding edge, ITS staff constantly and consistently look out for technologies that will benefit the university. ITS's over-arching goal remains to be to maintain High Availability of all technologies at all times.

With that goal in mind, ITS maintains the following for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff.

  • Robust, intuitive, learning management system-Canvas that is being used for all courses by faculty and staff.  While Canvas remains the dedicated platform for distance learning degree programs, it is also used across all academic programs to complement the in-person courses with additional course content.
  • FSU has fully licensed the Office 365 platform as the productivity suite for the campus.  This license allows faculty, staff and students to download the Office 365 suite of software to their personal devices without additional costs.
  • FSU's approximately 120 classrooms are equipped with basic smart classroom functionality for media presentations. Some have advanced functionality, such as video conferencing, internet collaboration, and Wi-Fi.

Department Units

Applications Services

Application Services is responsible for administrative computing functions, from planning and consulting through design, delivery, and maintenance (including training and user support) of information systems. Training is provided in the forms of workshops, one-on-one consultations, and alternative forms of training when applicable. Web services site development and usage consultation and assistance are provided to faculty, staff and students. This group develops standards for access and security while coordinating college-wide agreement on data issues.

Client Services

Client Services provides hardware and software support for computers and related equipment used in labs and offices throughout Fayetteville State University's campus. Services include managing requests received through our IT Service Desk, supporting the Open Use computer labs, maintaining equipment in classrooms, supporting interactive classes to include teleconferencing, and assisting our customers with many of the resources available on the campus network.

Network & Telephone Services

The Network & Telephone Services team is responsible for designing and managing Fayetteville State University's core network equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, encrypted tunnels (VPN) and remote site connectivity, along with all aspects of the FSU Wireless network. The Network & Telephone Services team is responsible for the network cabling infrastructure and leads the design and installation of the copper and fiber-optic cabling that make the network function. The Network & Telephone Services team is also responsible for all aspects of the FSU Telephone system and performs maintenance, repair, installations, moves, additions, and changes to the physical telephone plant.


The Information Security Office performs cyber-defense operations, internal compliance audits, and risk assessments.  Our mission is to protect information and network assets while nurturing the information sharing requirements of our academic culture and exemplify our posture by complying with the highest industry standards.


The Systems Team is responsible for Fayetteville State University's Private Cloud, along with the administration of the Office 365 tenant, Managed Print Services, and the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The Systems Team is also responsible for all Identity Management excluding access to Banner INB and SSB.

Student Employment

The Bronco Educational and Employment Program for Students (BEEPS) at Fayetteville State University is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop skills in the field of Information Technology while at the same time providing financial support towards their educational goals