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 Text: FSU Lactation Support Program. Room 215 in Williams Hall provides all Nursing Mothers with a quiet, private, and well-equipped space to assist with their lactation needs while on campus. Connect with the Title IX Office to learn more about the program or to enroll. 910-672-2325. Barber Building, Room 242.  Graphics: Photos of a microwave and tray; couch, coffee table, lamp, HVAC machine, chairs, wall art - flower, lamp; refrigerator, magazine rack.   Kindly be reminded, accessible materials and options are always available by contacting Ms. Tuttle in the Title IX Office at 910-672-2325 or

Lactation Support Program:

All nursing mothers enrolled in our lactation support program may make use of a quiet, private, and well-equipped space in Williams Hall for their lactation needs while on campus. The lactation room is well-equipped with comfortable chairs, refrigerator, microwave, tabletop electrical outlets, and much, much more. If the lactation room is not convenient, the Title IX Office will assist to locate an appropriate space. 

Beginning on July 23, 2020, all nursing mothers are required to register with the Title IX Office before accessing the space, to ensure our incredible Facilities team members may maintain all CDC and NCDHHS sanitation guidance protocols. 

To learn more about the University's lactation support program, receive an Ad Hoc lactation support kit, and other University resources available to assist nursing mothers within our campus community and visitors, please contact Ms. Jessica Tuttle in the Title IX Office., 910-672-2325, or visit Barber Building, Room 242 

Questions related to Pregnancy and Parenting:

Students: If you are a pregnant or parenting student, Title IX protects you from discrimination and harassment in our University's programs and activities. Title IX also requires that pregnant students receive reasonable adjustments to coursework, schedules, or other requirements if necessary based on your pregnancy.

Specific accommodations will vary from student to  student. Examples of accommodations may include:                   

  • a larger desk
  • breaks during class
  • rescheduling tests or exams
  • excusing absences due to pregnancy or related conditions
  • submitting work after a deadline missed due to pregnancy or childbirth
  • providing alternatives to make up missed work

To request assistance, or if you have questions about the protections or accommodations that can be provided to you under Title IX, please contact Ms. Victoria Ratliff in Students with Disabilities Services at (910) 672-1222. 

Staff and Faculty: If you are a pregnant or parenting employee, please contact Ms. Debbie Disbrow in Employee Relations  at (910) 672-1455 for information and assistance related to pregnancy and parental leave.

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