Conceive, Believe, Achieve

About the Challenge

Make a difference in the lives of students at Fayetteville State University. It doesn’t take long. For 24 hours on December 3, 2019, FSU asks supporters to donate at least $136 each for student scholarships. Why $136? That’s the amount the school’s seven founders pulled together in 1867 to buy two lots and launch their vision. Ensure that their legacy lives on as we build the next generation of leaders and change makers. Join us on Giving Tuesday, December 3, and help us continue to move Fayetteville State Forward.

What can you do?

  1. Give – Give $136.00 or $18.67 to pay homage to our founders. No matter the amount, you can make a difference in the lives of Fayetteville State students.
  2. Spread the Word – Like Fayetteville State University and Follow Fayetteville State Alumni Relations on Facebook to see campaign updates. Share Fayetteville State Forward messages with your friends on social media.
  3. Show Your Bronco Pride – Wear royal blue and white on December 3rd and share on social media why you are Proud to Be a Bronco. Use #FayStateForward.
  4. Are you a Proud Alumni or FSU supporter? Change your email signature to include our logo!
  5. Have you given? Encourage others to give as well by sharing our "I Gave" graphic.

FSU Forward, A Day of Giving Logo

Existing Scholarships and Endowments

Visit for scholarship descriptions.

Scholarship Name

1867 Endowed Scholarship

Academic Support End Scholarship

Alicia Chisolm Endowed Scholarship

Anne Arundel Chapter Scholarship

Annette & Alsie Cluff Endowed Scholarship

Aramark Scholarship

Bailey-Houston Athletic Scholarship

Barbara Jean Massey Scholarship

Belks Hensdale Endowed Scholarship

Black & Curry Scholarship

BlueCross BlueShield Scholarship

Bolden Memorial Scholarship

Brenda Timberlake General Scholarship

C.I. Brown Scholarship Endowment

Capel Scholars Program

Carlos and Terri Union Zukowski Endowed Scholarship

Cauline Brown Endowed Scholarship

Chancellors Award of Excellence in the Performing & Visual Arts

Chancellor's Wachovia Scholars

Charles A. Lyons Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Charlotte Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Class of 1976 Scholarship

Class of 1977 Scholarship

Class of '57 Scholarship

Class of '61 Memorial Scholarship

Class of '63 Scholarship

Coach Raymond McDougal General Scholarship Fund

Cora and Joe Hall Athletic Scholarship

Cumberland County Alumni Chapter Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Curtis Worthy Endowed Scholarship

Daisy Stroud Endowed Scholarship

David J. Mack Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dean J.C. Jones Endowed Scholarship

Dexter A. and Nealie Bacote McLean Endowed Scholarship

Donice M. Harbor Endowed Scholarship

Donna Hurst Carter Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Michael J. Almeida Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Michael J. Almeida General Scholarship Fund

Dr. William A. Murphy Athletics Scholarship

Elouise & Lawrence Jackson, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Ernestine Carter Chance Endowed Scholarship

Ethel Burney-Baker Endowed Scholarship

Evelyn H. Burrows Endowed Scholarship

Family Fare Endowed Entrepreneurship Program

Fayetteville Observer Scholarship

Friends of the Band

FSU DC Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship

Giving All in Learning End Scholarship

GSK Women in Science Scholarship

Henry M. Eldridge Endowed Scholarship

Hometown Bronco Scholarship

J.W. Seabrook Endowed Scholarship

James & Wilma Boyd Scholarship

James A. Anderson Endowed Scholarship

James H. Tyson Endowed Scholarship

James Scurry Scholarship

James T. Burch Endowed Scholarship

Jerald M Wilson Endowed Scholarship

John & Dorothy Brown Scholarship

John A. Penix Endowed Scholarship

John and Vertel Godbolt Endowed Scholarship

Joseph and Mable Christian Scholarship

Joseph and Sallie Monroe Endowed Scholarship

Joseph P. Riddle Jr., and March F. Riddle Endowed Scholarship

Julius and Lucille Fulmore Endowment

Katie C. Forshee Endowed Scholarship

Keith Allison Family Scholarship

Lena M. Barksdale Endowed Scholarship

Lillian Parker Willingham Endowed Scholarship

Lloyd V. Hackley Global Endowed Scholarship

Lower Cape Fear Chapter Endowed Scholarship

Luther & Mary I. Vandross Scholarship

Marie Smith Jones and Elizabeth Hill Frasier Endowed Scholarship

Mary and Joseph Bryan Endowed Sch

Mary McAllister Endowed Scholarship

MBA Alumni Scholarship Fund

Metcon Endowed Scholarship

Minority Health Professional Scholarship

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Scholarship Fund

National Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

NCAIA Endowed Scholarship

NCFAC of FSU 1st Endowed Scholarship

Nicholas M. Perkins Entrepreneur Scholarship

Nijhawan Endowed Scholarship

North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus Scholarship

Olion Endowed Fund for Teachers

Omega Psi Phi Tau Gamma Gamma Endowed Scholarship

P&F Arts Achievement Endowed Scholarship

Pearlie-White Turner Endowed Sch

Rachel and Charles McKeller Endowment

Raleigh-Wake Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund

Ruby S. Wilkerson End Scholarship

Ruth Solomon Lee Endowed Scholarship

Sangolu Tamba Memorial Scholarship

Saundra Newby Shorter General Scholarship

Skyline Advanced Technology Services Scholarship

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship

Strong Scholars Program Scholarship

The Betty L. Payne Endowed Scholarship

The Charles H. Mumford Sr. Endowed Athletic Scholarship

The Charleston Family Scholarship

The D.R.E.A.M Endowment

The Denderant Jones Burney Memorial Scholarship

The Fayetteville (NC) Chapter of The Links, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

The Gladys Lowe and Herbert Morrell De Vane Memorial Scholarship

The Greater Richmond/Petersburg Alumni Chapter Scholarship Funds

The John T. and Louise C. Wilson Scholarship

The Joseph Knuckles Endowed Scholarship

The LaFayette Society Endowed Scholarship

The Mary A. Person '76 Endowed Scholarship

The McLean Scholarship

The Melvin R. Pierce Endowed Scholarship

The Phi Beta Sigma Endowed Scholarship

The Robert H. Short Scholarship

The Ronald B. Lewis Endowed Scholarship

The Vivian Moone Diggs Family Endowed Scholarship

The Waddell Group Endowed Scholarship

Theodore and Diane DeBose Endowed Scholarship

Thomas L. Reeves Athletic Endowment Scholarship

Tillman V. Jackson Endowed Scholarship

Tony Rand Endowed Scholarship

Triangle-Durham Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Valeria Fleming Endowed Scholarship

Waylon Cato Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Wilbert & Ebony Johnson, Rachel Owens Endowed Scholarship

Willis B. McLeod Athletic Scholarship

Willis B. McLeod Rise Endowed Scholarship


What is Fayetteville State Forward Day of Giving?
Fayetteville State Forward is the University's inaugural day of giving. Paying homage to our seven founders and the University’s official founding cost of $136, the 24-hour campaign is your opportunity to support our students. We are raising money to fund existing scholarships and named endowments.

How can I make my gift?
You can make your gift by using the giving form below or by texting FSU to 41444.

Is it possible to make a gift by mail or by phone?
Because Fayetteville State Forward is a 24-hour giving campaign, we strongly encourage you to make your gift online.

Why should I participate in Fayetteville State Forward?
Few institutions in America are on Fayetteville State University’s upward trajectory. FSU is nationally recognized as an institution with the courage to foster innovation and pursue new directions and ideas. Your support will help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our students, recruit and retain renowned faculty and enhance our position within the city of Fayetteville.

What areas can I support?
Please review the participating scholarship & endowment funds on our main page and find the area you wish to support. Please feel free to designate your gift to a named scholarship of your choosing by editing the drop-down menu. If you would like to select the general scholarship pool, that is listed as well at
Please visit our website to learn more about our existing scholarships at

What other ways can I get involved?
Please be sure to wear your Bronco Blue and White on December 3rd. Share your stories and images using the hashtag #FayStateForward on social media and tell the world why you are Proud to Be a Bronco!
Spread awareness within your network using your preferred forms of communication and encourage others to join you in giving back to FSU for student scholarships.

Who should I contact with questions about my contribution?
For general questions, please contact

Will my gift be tax-deductible?
Your gift will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?
Yes! You will receive a receipt for your contribution shortly after you make your gift.

Who should I contact with questions about my contribution?
For general questions, please contact

Is my payment secure?
Yes. All payments will be processed through our secure giving website.

When will my card be charged?
Credit card gifts are processed immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.