Office of Business Services

We oversee products and services that provide vital services, convenience and quality of life to the Fayetteville State University campus. We manage: the Bookstore, Bronco Card office, campus dining, central store/receiving, graphic and printing services, mail services, the Seabrook Auditorium and vending services.

As a unit of the Division of Business and Finance, our goal is to listen to the needs of Fayetteville State University's students, faculty and staff and provide services that are convenient and cost effective with great customer service. Meeting the needs of the on-campus and off-campus communities is what we celebrate daily.

My mom has held me to high standards since I was young. I strive to represent myself and my family well. My roots came from before Fayetteville State, but FSU was an avenue for me to expand and so was Delta.
Paul Lane
Business & Marketing Graduate '13
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Contact information for our services:

Bookstore- Bronco Square Shopping Center
1073 Murchison Rd Suite 101
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: (910)672-1322
Fax: (910)484-4740

Bronco Card Office
Grace Black Circle
910-672-1762 or 910-672-2310

Central Store and Receiving
Penelope Streater, Warehouse Operations
Phone: (910) 672-1875
Fax: (919) 672-2534
Hours: 7:00 am - 12:00pm and 1:00 pm- 4:00pm

Laundry Services
910-672-1735 or 910-672-1762

Mail Center
C. J. Barber Building, Lower Level
Hours: M-F, 8:30-5:00
Phone: 910-672-1123

Copy Center (Print Shop)
Central Warehouse Building
Phone: 910-672-1024
Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 8:00-5:00

Ticket Office Phone Numbers:
910-672-1724 (Office)
910-672-2259 (Fax)

Ticket Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Doors open for event one (1) hour prior to performance

For information space availability, costs and rental policies please contact:

J. W. Seabrook Auditorium
Facility Scheduling Office
910.672.1724 (ph) 910.672.2176 (fax)

For information concerning billing, please contact:

J.W. Seabrook Auditorium
Fayetteville State University
Attn: Ms. Antoinette Fairley
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, N.C. 28301-4298

Vending Services
C. J. Barber Building

Central Store and Receiving

We are responsible for the receipt and delivery of equipment and supplies which are ordered by University Departments and shipped in by common carriers. In coming deliveries are included but not limited to: UPS, Overnight and Federal Express.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Delivery to Departments
  2. Vender Returns
  3. Tagging of Fixed inventory
Laundry Services

Maytag is the most respected name in the laundry industry. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Greater Capacity: A double-load washer to handle comforters, blankets and large loads. The Neptune's 2.9 cubic foot capacity is the industry's largest.
  • Time Saver: Due to the ultra-high spin, an average load will dry in 40-45 minutes. Laboratory tests prove that Maytag's final spin removes more water than any other brand. Water retention in a Neptune is 42% compared to 48% of the nearest competitor.
  • Water Efficient: Uses only 15-18 gallons of water for a load of laundry compared to 23 gallons for nearest competitor and 31 gallons for the old top-load units.
  • Easier Loading and Unloading: Doors open a full 180 degrees; the inner basket is tilted upward at a 15 degree angle so students can see and reach every article of clothing.
  • Handles Over-Sudsing Better: A patented anti-sudsing cycle to reduce over-sudsing with normal usage. An exclusive suds recovery cycle that helps control overly soaped loads from overflowing and flooding the luandry room.
  • Noise Level: The quietest washer ever made. Especially important to students whose rooms are adjacent to laundry rooms.
  • Better Washability: Laundry continuously turns over and moves through the water up to 35 times per minute. Top-loaders average only 1-2 turns per minute. Plus the Neptune provides two extra rinses for better detergent removal.
  • Dryer Efficiency: No other dryer is faster or more energy-efficient than a Maytag due significantly to the water extraction from the final spin of the washer. The 6.0 cubic foot tumbler is twice the volume of the Neptune washer.

Where are the washers and dryers located?

We have a total of 36 washers and 36 dryers all located within our 9 Residential Buildings, from a minimum of 2 washers and 2 dryers in Hood and Joyner Halls, to a maximum of 8 washers and 8 dryers in New Residence Hall.

How much does it costs?

  • Washers = $1.25/cycle
  • Dryers = $1.25 w/48 minute dry cycle

What method of payment do the machines accept?

The machines are cashless machines and will only accept the Bronco Express Card as the method of payment. Therefore, in order to use the laundry machines, a minimum of $1.00 is required in your Bronco Express Card account.

How do I obtain a refund if I lose money in one of the luandry machines?

In the event you lose money from your Bronco Express Card account while doing laundry, credits may be obtained from the Bronco Express Card Office located in room 242 of the Rudolph Jones Student Center. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

What happens if my clothing is damaged while doing my laundry in one of the machines?

All claims may be called into the 1-800-MAC-GRAY, e-mailed to, or visit the Mac-Gray Website at For claims less than $50.00, a check is immediately issued to the student. For claims greater than $50.00, a Mac-Gray technician will pick up the garment and a check will be issued if it is determined the damage was caused by a machine malfunction. The value of the garment is based upon its age and condition. All damaged garments, if refunded and still in good condition, will be donated to charity.

How do I report a machine probelm?

The procedure for reporting laundry machine problems is the exact same for vending machines, by dialing 910.672.1735 or 910.672.1762. The number connects you directly with the Vending Office where you can explain the problem to one of our staff persons. The more information you can give us about the problem, the faster we can correct it. If after normal business hours, please leave a message on our voice mail system.Please tell us which machine (Washer = A1, Dryer = B2, etc.), the location (Bryant Hall-1st Floor, etc.) and a brief description of the problem. It helps us to know if you received any type of message on the display screen; or what you were specifically trying to select. Vending Department personnel will contact the Mac-Gray Laundry Services as soon as the problem is reported, for correction as soon as possible.

The Mail Center

The FSU MAIL CENTER has scheduled runs for pickup and delivery of USPS throughout the University community. If your out-going mail is not ready by the scheduled pickup time for your department, your staff must bring it to the FSU MAIL CENTER by 3:00 p.m. for same day processing. Mail received after the 3:00 p.m. deadline will be processed for next day delivery to the main Post Office.

Incoming Mail

Incoming USPS mail from the Post Office is picked up by Mail Center Staff and arrives at the FSU MAIL CENTER at 9:00 a.m. Mail that was not ready at the Post Office during normal pick up time is delivered to the FSU MAIL CENTER by The Post Office normally at 10:30. The mail is sorted and delivered throughout the University according to daily scheduled runs.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail is picked up from University departments at the same time the incoming mail is delivered, unless other arrangements have been made. Departments are to separate International Mail, First Class Domestic Mail, and Mail Requiring Special Attention. The different categories of mail should be put in separate trays or bundled together and marked accordingly. All outgoing mail should have departments return address.

Metered Mail

All mail to be metered is charged to the initiating department's account. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the FSU MAIL CENTER is provided with the correct department account number to be charged for all outgoing mail. A postage meter form with authorized signatures must be completed. The FSU MAIL CENTER will not process outgoing mail without an account number for services to be billed.

Mail needing to be metered should be presented to the FSU MAIL CENTER, in a stack form, rubber banded together. The FSU MAIL CENTER is authorized to meter mail for all University correspondences reflecting a University return address. Any mail lacking this address will not be metered. All mail must have a return address with the Department's name.

Preparation of Outgoing Mail

Separate self-stamped mail from mail to be metered. All letters should be bundled neatly with rubber bands and should be facing the same way.

International Mail, to include Canada and Mexico, and mail requiring SPECIAL HANDLING such as "Certified and Insured" mail must be separated and marked with clear instructions.

Forwarding of Mail

The FSU MAIL CENTER does not forward your mail for you. Individuals are responsible to notify correspondents of their change of address. If you receive mail for individuals who are no longer with your department, cross out the FSU address completely and list the forwarding address under the words: "Please Forward". If you do not have a forwarding address, cross out the FSU address and BARCODE completely and mark the envelope: Return to Sender, No Forwarding Address". Place these envelopes with your mail for pick up. If you receive unwanted mail, do not open it. Cross-out the FSU address completely along with the bar-coding at the bottom of the address and mark the envelope: Refused, Return to Sender".

Accountable Mail

Express Mail, Certified Mail, Insured Mail and Registered Mail comprise the accountable mail category. This mail is tracked and accounted for throughout the mail system. The FSU MAIL CENTER assumes responsibility for this mail when we receive it on your behalf, and this responsibility is discharged only when the recipient, or department designee properly signs the item. To ensure proof and record of receipt, we ask the recipient to print his/her name legibly, sign and date the "Accountable Mail Manifest".

Every effort will be made to deliver this mail as it arrives on the next scheduled run for your department. Express Mail received after the scheduled run for your department has been made, will be delivered to you on the same day, only on availability of staff.
If your department is closed when the delivery is being made, or if there is no one available at your department to sign for receipt of mail, it will be returned to the mailroom and delivered on the next scheduled run.

Interoffice Mail

Interoffice mail is mail/correspondence sent out by FSU departments for delivery to addresses within the University System. Interoffice mail is included with all outgoing mail. All mail must be official University business. This mail can be a non-specific memo for general distribution, or items addressed to a specific individual, or position within the University. Specific address mail, if not in an envelope, should be folded and marked with the individual name, or title and department. Interoffice mail is picked up at the same time as outgoing mail and is brought to the FSU MAIL CENTER for delivery on the next business day.

We strongly encourage you to use Interoffice Mail Envelopes for Interoffice Mail. If you use stationary envelopes for Interoffice Mail, please ensure that "Interoffice Mail" is printed prominently on the envelope. All personal correspondences to anyone within the University System requires appropriate U.S. postage.

Change of Address

If a new member is added to your department, or if a faculty or staff member changes departments or buildings, a change of address notice is forwarded to the Mailroom in the form of a memo, so that future mail may be delivered accordingly.

General Mailing Instructions

Non - Mailable Items

Some items such as metal pieces, glass parts, product samples, chemicals, etc., may not be mailed. These items, besides jamming and/or damaging mailing machines, can cause serious injury to Mailroom employees. These articles may be returned to sender.

Non - Standard Mail

Envelopes and Post Cards of less than: 3 1/2" in height or 5" in length or .007 in thickness are considered non-standard and additional charges are levied towards their postage. For more information regarding standard sizes, please contact the FSU MAIL CENTER; we will be glad to provide you with more detailed information.

Sizes and Types of Envelopes

Please determine the proper size and strength of the envelope in accordance with the size of enclosure. Overly large envelopes fail to firmly hold their contents. The enclosures tend to move around and there is a risk of tearing the envelope and losing the contents. A snug fit keeps the enclosure firm in the envelope.

Overstuffing can cause an envelope to burst at the seams and may lead to loss of enclosures.

The size of the envelope should be selected to properly accommodate the contents. For the U.S. Postal System, the two main categories of envelopes are " letter size" and "flats". Flats are envelopes larger than the maximum letter size, but no larger than 12" high by 15" long and 3/4" thick.

Proper Addressing

The following address formats are recommended to ensure efficient handling and delivery by the U.S. Postal Service.

The complete mailing address should be located within the lower right half of the envelope whenever possible. Extraneous printing or markings should appear as far away from the address as possible. Sender's address should appear in the upper left-hand corner and should be no lower than 1/3 of height of mail-piece from top.
The following SUGGESTIONS will help make your mail user friendly to the Post Office and speed up delivery:


Address labels if used on parcels, packages, letters or large envelopes must also be addressed accordingly to the above-recommended format. Labels must be applied parallel to the bottom edge of the envelope to be processed by the Post Office on automation equipment.

Copy Center

The Fayetteville State University (FSU) Copy Center was established for the purpose of fast, convenient, and quality service at the lowest possible costs to members of the university community. This purpose is achieved within the constraints of the developing needs of the Copy Center.

Services provided are:

  • Copying and Duplicating Services.
  • Computer Graphics & Design Services.

For Your Information

  • Price List
  • Copy Center Work Order
Vending Services

Currently, Beverage and Snack Vending Services are operated out of the Bronco Express Card Office with over eighty (80) machines strategically placed throughout the campus community.

How do I obtain a refund if I lose money in one of the vending machines?

The vending machines on campus process thousands of transactions per year and as a result, do sometimes malfunction. In the event you lose money, vending refunds may be obtained from the Bronco Express Card Office located in room 242 of the Rudolph Jones Student Center. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

How do I report a machine problem?

Reporting a machine problem is easy as dialing 910.672.1762 or 910.672.1735. The number connects you directly with the Vending Office where you can explain the problem to one of our staff persons. The more information you can give us about the problem, the faster we can correct it. If after normal business hours, please leave a message on our voice mail system.

Please tell us which machine (Coke Can, Coke Juice, Tom's Snack, etc.), the location (Bryant Hall-1st floor, etc.) and a brief description of the problem. It helps us to know if you used coins, or a dollar bill; if the machine gave you change, but did not vend; if you received any type of message on the display screen; or what you were specifically trying to select. Vending Department personnel will contact the appropriate company as soon as the problem is reported, for correction as soon as possible.