A Message from Our Staff Senate President

Date: August 21, 2020

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As we embrace the fall semester of 2020 we are faced with many challenges. The world we once knew has changed in the midst of COVID-19 and the quest for Social Equality.

We plan to have several dialogs throughout the semester on these two (2) important issues that we face during this time of change. These dialogs will allow staff members to share their feelings and thoughts on how COVID-19 and Social Injustice has affected their lives.

The world is in such a frightening dilemma and the sooner we move forward on this subject and give this matter our sincerest concern, the better off we will be as a university community.

We are still moving forward with some of our regular Staff Senate activities: The Mr. & Ms. Staff Competition and providing two (2) Educational Grant awards in the Spring.

The Staff Senate affects such a wide number of employees on our campus and most importantly, I want to let you know that we care!

As we adjust to our new Reality and Normal we wish our Bronco family much success!

Patricia Flanigan

Stay Safe!

Patricia G. Flanigan
President FSU Staff Senate 2019-21

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