Six Fayetteville State University Students Earn Summer Internship with the FBI

Date: July 24, 2019

Six students from Fayetteville State University (FSU) are participating in summer internship positions with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the Honors Internship Program. Due to the Top-Secret Security Clearance that had to be earned, specific details regarding the positions cannot be divulged.

Students in classSelected students are as follows: Three Criminal Justice majors, two Forensic Science majors, one sociology major, and one undeclared freshman student.  This extensive process began in September of 2018 following career prep workshops, a campus wide information session, and in-person interviews and was all coordinated by Mose Harris IV, CDHS Program Manager for Federal Internships, and Professor Anna Perez, Lecturer and Criminal Justice Internship Coordinator.  Their efforts culminated in an unprecedented 10 agents representing the FBI's National Recruitment Team attending the university to interview up to 60 applicants.

The selected students were some of FSU's finest. They endured months of interviews, multiple document submittals, extensive background checks, and polygraph tests.  "This is truly an outstanding accomplishment by both of our departments, and most importantly, the students who earned their positions among thousands of applicants across the nation. My hope is that FSU will continue to be represented in future internships with the FBI, but with greater numbers" Perez said.

The freshman student among the new hires said: "I never thought I would get to where I am now because of some grade issues in high school. Senior year of high school went well and in college everything started going a lot better. Interning and working for the FBI is an absolute dream. I've wanted to do this for a while now and I'm finally doing it. It was a long application and security clearance process, but it was definitely worth it. Every day that I'm here at Quantico I still can't believe it. I couldn't have gotten here without the support of my friends, family, and the staff at FSU that helped with this process."

The 10-week paid internships began in mid-June and offered an unparalleled opportunity to work alongside FBI employees on critical cases throughout the nation.  "I am honored to have taken part in the journey of many Broncos beginning what could be the start of a lucrative career in the federal sector," said Perez.

About Fayetteville State University
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