Center for Defense & Homeland Security

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Why Choose the CDHS?

Cybersecurity and National Security are two fields that are imperative to national security and grow in importance every day. Despite the importance of these fields and the large number of jobs they provide, many jobs go unfilled due to low numbers of qualified applicants. These deficits in quality job applicants exist in both the government and private industry sectors.The goal of the CDHS is to train individuals and give them the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to go to work in today's economy. Cybersecurity was once considered the industry of the future. That future is now and the importance of these skills is not going away.

The Center for Defense and Homeland Security is designed to develop the next generation of professionals in the fields of Cybersecurity and National Security.

We currently offer non-degree and not-for-credit certification courses in IT and Cybersecurity that prepare our students to enter the professional workforce.