FSU Expands PREP Mentor Program for Alumni and Professionals to Engage in Student Growth and Success

Date: February 12, 2024

Fayetteville, N.C. – The PREP Mentor Program at Fayetteville State University is expanding to include alumni and professionals as success coaches to foster a supportive community where current students can thrive academically and personally.

“The PREP Initiative is an extension of the Matriculation Institute, aiming to provide FSU students with professional development, leadership, and educational sessions,” said Roderick Heath, Ed.D., assistant vice chancellor of student affairs. “The sessions conducted by vetted alumni and professionals from around the world, will offer mentorship opportunities to students and enable them to gain global exposure and experience.”

PREP success coaches provide guidance and support academically and socially aiming to enhance students’ leadership development and career readiness. Additionally, the program aligns with the institutions goal of increasing retention and four-year graduation rates. Coaches in the PREP Mentoring Program will empower the next generation of leaders to discover their full potential, working together to transform each student’s journey at FSU.

After completing the application process, success coaches are trained and matched with a mentee. The coach-mentee pairing meet regularly and maintain ongoing communication through the PREP app. The coach also tracks and documents development ensuring program managers offer support and guidance at every step of the journey.

Visit www.BroncoMentor.com to sign up as a mentor and make a positive difference within the Fayetteville State University community. For more information, contact Roderick Heath at rheath1@uncfsu.edu.

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