Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary Planetarium Show

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary Planetarium Show

2023 Solar Eclipse

On Sat, Oct 14 we will hold an Eclipse Party at FSU for the annular solar eclipse.  While this eclipse will only be 50% from Fayetteville, we will have several telescopes available to view the event from Noon - 2:30, including our new 70 mm solar H-alpha telescope!

FSU Planetarium - Best in the World

With ten 4K projectors on a cozy 30 foot dome, we put more pixels per square inch on our dome than any other planetarium - in the world! This means crisp, round stars and a beautiful, dark night sky. Join us for an adventure that is out of this world (and out of the galaxy).

At this time ALL of our shows are live with an astronomer.  Come with questions about the Universe!

Date / Time Show Title Rating
Nov 4, 7:00 PM Say NO to Black Holes E/T
Nov 18, 7:00 PM Sky over Fayetteville E
Dec 2, 7:00 PM All about Telescopes E
Show Rating
E All ages
T Technical - teens and adults 
E/T Older children, teens, and adults 

School visits to the Planetarium are available for 2022-23.  Call 910-672-1SKY to schedule or contact Mr. Kabbes at

In addition to our ten 4K projectors, we have a 6500 watt sound system for an amazing space experience. 

Due to increased operating costs, we will need to charge a nominal fee - $5 for adults and $3 for children 2-18.

NASA Informal Education Community Anchor

This is our second year as a NASA Community Anchor site.  We are developing family programs focused on Rockets and Robots in space exploration.  Check back for more information.

Saturday afternoon STEAM Team

The Sat STEAM Team is back!  Students in grades 7-12 meet Sat afternoons (every other week) from 1-3 PM in Lyons Science, room 117.  Check back for dates.

We explore

  • Rockets
  • Robots
  • Electronics
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • and more

The fall STEAM Team starts in Aug, 2023.  Our focus this fall is Ultra-Low-Powered rockets.

Funding for the STEAM Team is provided in part by the Cumberland Community Foundation.  For information contact Mr. Kabbes at:

Summer Space Camp

Our 2023 Space Camp was a success.  We had a full camp and students enjoyed activities with Rockets and Robots.

Funding for the Space Camp was provided in part by the Cumberland Community Foundation.


The REEF is closed indefinitely.

Directions to Planetarium

The Planetarium is at the North end of the Lyons Science Building.  The lobby entrance is on the west side.  Access from W.T. Brown Drive (main entrance to FSU) is via the walkway between Lyons Science (16 - grey) and Lyons Science Annex (37 - brick).  Parking for the Planetarium is across the RR tracks on on the right of W.T. Brown.

Planetarium Map Planetarium Entrance
Campus Map Planetarium Entrance
Walkway to Planetarium
Walkway to Planetarium

Summer Space Camp

2023 Summer Space Camp.  


The FSU Summer Space Camp is for rising 7 to 12th grade students. Supplies and lunches are part of the program. 

Campers will have the opportunity to explore science, math and computers in an intense, one-week summer program focused on NASA missions, Rockets and Robots.  This camp will allow hands-on exploration of STEM topics and help students develop the tools to solve problems.

Activities include - 

  • Rocket science
  • Robotics
  • Astronomy
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science

Reserve a show

School visits / shows can be arranged by contacting Mr. Kabbes:

School visits are typically available Tue, Thu and Fri.

Group pricing will be $150 for a one hour show up to 65 seats.

Individual pricing will be $5 for adults and $3 for children 2-18.  There is a 20 person, $100 minimum.

Funds cover the burn time on the projectors.

Aquarium / REEF

The REEF is closed indefinitely.

Large groups

The Planetarium seats 65 comfortably, but we have a few extra seats we can squeeze in. Larger groups can be divided and switched with the Exploratorium: one group goes to the Exploratorium, the other to the planetarium, and then the groups switch. 

Meditation Under the Stars

The Planetarium has reopened, but we need staffing to be open for Meditation times.