Enterprise Resource Planning Advanced Analytics Center

The mission of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Advanced Analytics Center (ERPACC) is to serve as a regional leader in the field of ERP and advanced analytics. With the support of a cadre of experienced faculty, the ERPACC will provide research, training, networking, and certification opportunities that are relevant to industry.  The ERPACC will also perform advanced data analytics services to support the decision-making needs of local and regional firms.

The training provided by the ERPAAC will enable FSU to create a pipeline of graduates with the requisite skills and credentials to successfully compete for positions requiring ERP and data analytics skills.  The research and consulting support that will be extended to the business community will ensure the long-term viability of the Center while contributing to economic transformation in the region.  The goals of the ERPACC are to: 

  • Conduct advanced research that is of interest to industry and FSU faculty and students
  •  To provide advanced analytic consulting services to support the decision-making needs of local and regional firms
  • To provide training in ERP Systems and data analytics which will enable participants to sit for several 3rd party endorsed certifications including SAP S/4 HANA (ERP), SAP Cloud Analytics, Oracle ERP Cloud, Windows Dynamics (ERP), SAS Analytics, and ABAP