Psychology (Master)

Currently under redesign

The Master Program in Psychology is currently being re-designed. Due to that fact, we are not currently accepting applications.

The students already accepted into the program will complete their course work under the original status of their admission. Please, stay tuned to upcoming announcements about the status of the program.

The information available in these pages refer to the previous Counseling Psychology track only and it is provided for students currently accepted in the program.

Counseling Track

The mission of the 60-semester hour Counseling Track is threefold:

  1. To produce highly skilled, license eligible graduates in counseling and the community human service/mental health movement.
  2. To increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of students, and professionals in the area of multicultural counseling.
  3. To provide practica experiences that reflect the present and projected community counseling, health, and service needs of an increasingly pluralistic society.

The program provides curricular experiences and eight core areas including, Professional Identity, Social and Cultural Diversity, Human Growth and Development, Career Development, Helping Relationships, Group Work, Assessment, and Research and Program Evaluation. Practica permit the integration of theory, research, and application. Placements have included, but are not limited to: counseling agencies, mental health clinics, correctional facilities, and college-level student services departments. Finally, we encourage the maintenance and development of individual counseling styles and are committed to excellence in counseling through participation in individual and group counseling experiences.