Educational Leadership - Doctor of Education (Ed. D.)

The Ed. D. in Educational Leadership is a cohort program that admits 20 students per academic year.

The program is focused on Transformative Leadership and will prepare you to address some of the most pressing challenges in PK-12 and Higher Education. The knowledge you gain in this program will position you for social justice leadership to create inclusive, equitable, and "high achievement" learning environments. Our Ed. D. program is one of the few in the United States that is a member of the Carnegie Project on The Education Doctorate.

The Ed. D. program is designed for individuals working in:

  • PK-12 Education
  • Higher Education


  • 60-credit hour program
  • Hybrid - Courses offered face to face, online, and weekends
  • Offers opportunities to re-envision education through critical educational studies that will transform your view of self, education, and society
  • Become knowledgeable of Transformative Educators and Social Justice Leaders
  • Participate in Local and National Conferences

Emphasis on Transformative Leadership

  • Leadership for Diversity . . .

Study cutting edge research that addresses multicultural education-diversity in the context of educational leadership in PK-12 and Higher Education.

  • Leadership for Social Justice . . .

Engage in the study of leadership for social justice through the study of various leadership concepts such as transformative leadership, transformational leadership, servant leadership, ethical leadership and other leadership frameworks that are grounded in critical educational theory.

  • Advocate for Historically Underserved Students . . .

Educational Leadership is more than managing existing bureaucracies but entails a deep understanding of the sociopolitical context in which schools operate. After gaining in-depth knowledge of transformative leadership graduates of our program are equipped to advocate for students in diverse educational settings. 

The Ed. D. Educational Leadership program, is designed to:

  • Produce transformative leaders who are capable of creating a new educational paradigm.
  • Combine theory with practice to provide candidates with a detailed understanding of the complex issues impacting education and student achievement.
  • Prepare leaders to successfully transform current educational settings into inclusive and equitable learning environments.
  • Address the crisis of educating historically underserved diverse communities using transformative leadership.