Biology (BS)

The Department of Biological Sciences offers degrees in selected areas of the natural sciences to prepare students for careers in government, industry, health-related professions, education, or for pursuing further study in graduate or professional schools.

Why Choose Biology?

A degree in Biology will prepare you for a future in research, academia, medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary and a host of other health associated career fields. The exciting yet challenging classes will lay the foundation to success upon graduation. Some of the classes taught are microbiology, anatomy and physiology, animal development just to name a few.Our dynamic faculty are eager to mentor students and expose them to research opportunities to make them competitive against their peers. The knowledge gained while doing research will prepare you for a variety of careers in the STEM Field.This department houses its own academic advisor that will assist you in choosing courses that will help you to earn your degree.

As a recent graduate of the department of biological sciences with a degree in biology, I feel fully prepared for my current job position as a lab supervisor at a local community college.
Daminike Sullins
Class of 2017

What Will You Learn?

As a biology major, you will take courses from our catalog that are required for your degree along with electives and core courses from the general studies area.

  • How to properly dissect specimens
  • Design and conduct experiments
  • Learn to write lab reports from experiments
  • Work with your peers to solve problems
  • Work effectively in a classroom and laboratory setting

Along with the basic course work, you will also:

  • Learn about the impact of science and technology in today's society
  • Understand the global and societal impacts of biology and biological research
  • Learn how to become a critical thinker and properly apply your knowledge
  • Sharpen your skills of effective communication with your peers and professionals
  • Prepare yourself for opportunities beyond your wildest imagination

To learn more about our courses, visit the Course Catalog.

What Will You Do?

Obtaining a degree in biology will open the door to career paths in research, education, and health care related fields, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Many students move on to graduate or professional schools to further their education in the sciences.