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Sheila Cannon

Dr. Sheila Cannon

Associate Dean, Associate Professor

Dr. Sheila Cannon has been an RN for 35 years and an educator for 24 years. She has taught various nursing courses: mental health, fundamentals, leadership, research, and advanced medical-surgical, pharmacology, and psychotherapeutic interventions. However, she has a strong passion for psychiatric mental health. Dr. Cannon brings this to life in classrooms as she is a board-certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in psychiatric mental health (PMHCNS), a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), and an approved Buprenorphine provider. She has years of practice experience and has practiced as a Clinical Psychopharmacologist / Psychotherapist in a large practice group south of Boston and the State of Virginia. She currently practices in the School of Nursing's Collaborative Institute for Interprofessional Education & Practice (CI-PEP), and in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Robeson Counties. She enjoys educating students and has taught in three other universities and one community college. She has directed many educational and clinical programs: Online, Accelerated, CI-PEP, and has been the Senior Clinical Director of many different inpatient programs in psychiatric arenas.

She has successfully led faculty development initiatives focused on infusing cultural competency in the curriculum and the use of best practices in information technologies for online and blended pedagogy. She has long-standing expertise in online learning management systems and online pedagogy, 'Writing across the Curriculum' projects, and have received prior funding for incorporating "Strategies for NCLEX Success for Students." Her research encompasses racial disparities, cancer care, veteran / military health, psychosocial health and wellness, and caregiving. She has several publications and works in progress.


Post Masters' Certificate in Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

PhD: Hampton University, Hampton, VA

MSN: Psychiatric Mental Health, PMH CNS Certification, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

BSN: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

ADN: Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Research Interest

Caregiving - Cancer care and aging

Psychosocial wellness

Health disparities

Complementary and alternative therapies

Publications and Scholarly Activities


2018        Cannon, S., & Fawcett, J. (Summer 2018). Correlates of psychological and physical health outcomes among African American caregiving daughters. ABNF Journal, 29 (3), 86-97.

2016        Cannon, S., Arhin, A., Thomas, G., & Hodges, S.  (2016). Evaluating a holistic and collaborative model of military health: Clients' perspectives, (vol.  2: 007, pp. 5).   Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine                

2016        Afua, A., Gallop, K., Mann, J., Cannon, S., Tran, K., & Wang. M.C. (2016). Acupuncture as a treatment option in treating posttraumatic stress disorder-related tinnitus in war veterans: A case presentation. tinnitus in war veterans: A case study approach. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 34(1), 56-63. 

2014        Traeger, L., Cannon, S., Keating, N., Pirl, W., Lathan, C., Martin, M., He, Y., and Park, E. (2014). Race by sex differences in depression symptoms and psychosocial service use among non-Hispanic black and white patients with lung cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 32 (2), 107-113.     

2013         Traeger, L., Cannon, S., Pirl, W., Keating, N., & Park, E. (2013).  Depression and under-treatment of depression: Potential risks and outcomes in black patients with lung cancer. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 31 (2), 123-135.     

2012        Traeger, L., Cannon, S., Keating, N., Pirl, W., Lathan, C., & Park, E.  (2012). Prevalence of depression and  psychosocial service utilization among non-Hispanic black and white lung cancer patients.  Psycho-oncology, 21, 68-68    

2011       Cannon, S.J., Connelly, T., DeSanto-Madeya, S., Fawcett, J, Hayman, L., Hickson, K. & Lee, H.,  (2011).  "Project Report: Analysis of the Contents of the Journal of Family Nursing (1995-2007).  Journal of Family  Nursing, 17(2), 270.                  

2011        Park, E.R., Japuntich, S., Traeger, L., Cannon, S., & Pajolek, H.  (2011). Disparities between blacks and whites in tobacco and lung cancer treatment.  The Oncologist, 16, (10), 1428-34.  

2005         Cannon, S.J., &Davis, B.  (2005) Coping among African-American daughters caring for Aging parents.  ABNF Journal, 6(6), 118-123.  

2005    Cannon, S.J., Davis, B.L., Hendricks, C., Baker, S.R., & Jenkins, K.  (2005, Nov/Dec). Delores Phillips: The darkest child. ABNF Journal, p. 387.  (Book Review Submission & Publication)

2002   Cannon, S.J.  (2002) Caregiving of African-American daughters with aging parents: Applying Neuman's Systems Model.  Unpublished Dissertation, Hampton University.

1996    Maxfield, M.C., Lewis, R.E., & Cannon, S.  (1996). Training staff to prevent aggressive behavior of cognitively impaired elderly patients during bathing and grooming.  Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 22(1), 37-43.  

Scholarly Activities

Diagnosis and Therapies: Complementary and Traditional Medicine,  Editorial Board  (2020)

Cannon, S., Nursing Convocation, "Encouraging Civility in Academia & the Nursing Profession," School of Nursiing, Fayetteville State University. (August 15, 2017).

Cannon, S., SBIRT Training for Students, "SBIRT," SR-AHEC, Fayetteville State University. (March 6, 2017).  

Akbar, A. (Presenter Only), Maurice, M. (Author Only), Cannon, S. (Other), 81st Annual Conference - Voices of a Global Black Community: Life in America and Beyond, "The Influence of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Risky Sexual Behavior among Students in a Predominantly Black College," The Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc, Jackson, Mississippi. (March 12, 2016). Accepted, National.  

Aghajanian, A., Mongkuo, M., Cannon, S., 81 Annual Conference of The Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, "The Influence of Excessive  Alcohol Consumption on Risky Sexual Behavior among Students in a Predominantly Black College," Jackson, MS. (March 9, 2016). Accepted, National.  

Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), Arhin, A. (Presenter & Author), Interprofessional Education: Preparing the Future Nursing Health Professional, "Establishing an Interprofessional Behavioral Institute," ABNF, New York, NY. (June 12, 2015). Accepted, International.  

Arhin, A. O. (Author Only), Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), Interprofessional Healthcare Summit, "The Collaborative Institute for Interprofessional Education & Practice," Savannah, Georgia. (April 10, 2015). Accepted, International.  

Cannon, S., ASBS 1935 to 2015: 80 Years of Responding to the Call, "Racial Disparities in Mental Health Care and Treatment of African Americans," The Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc., Embassy Suites Fayetteville/Fort Bragg. (March 21, 2015). Accepted, National.  

Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), Arhin, A. (Other), Ross, K. (Presenter Only), Burns, M. H. (Other), Wang, M.-C. (Other), Tran, K. (Other), 3rd Annual Cone Health Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium, "A Collaborative Interprofessional Education & Practice Model of Military Health," AHEC Greensboro, Greensboro, NC. (October 3, 2014). Accepted, State.  

Wang, M.-C., Nyutu, P., Hua-Burns, M., Barosa, A., Arhin, A., Cannon, S., Tran, K., Spears, A., APA Annual Convention, "Alternative Treatment Model for Military Behavioral Health: Interprofessional," Washington DC. (August 2014). Accepted, National.   Cannon, S., Institute of Medicine, "Collaborative Practice Model of Behavioral Care," Regional VA Veterans Focus Meeting, Morrisville, NC. (July 25, 2013). Regional.   Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), Tran, K. (Discussant), HQ, US Army Garrison, "CI-PEP Briefing on the Institute," Garrison Admin NCOIC, Fort Bragg, NC. (June 25, 2013). Local.  

Arhin, A. (Presenter & Author), Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), 26th Annual ABNF Scientific Conference and Meeting, "Establishing a multidisciplinary Behavioral Center," ABNF, Los Angeles, California. (June 17, 2013). Accepted, National.  

Arhin, A. (Presenter & Author), Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), "Leadership in Nursing: Managing the Future of Professional Engagement", "Establishing a Behavorial Institute for Interprofessional Education & Practice," Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Los Angeles, California. (June 12, 2013). Accepted, International.  

Cannon, S., Protection Minors on Campus, "Protecting Minors in Camp: Medication, Medical, and Behavioral Issues in Minors," Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC. (June 6, 2013). Local.  

Cannon, S. (Author Only), Focus on Mental Health, "Community Hearth & Health Wellness," Time Warner Studio - Channel 7, Time Warner Studio - Fayetteville, NC. (February 5, 2013). Invited, Local.  

A. G. (Presenter & Author), T. L. (Presenter & Author), Cannon, S. (Presenter & Author), P. E. (Presenter & Author), APOS Conference, "Perceptions of Cancer Health & Psychosocial Services among Lung Cancer Patients," American Psychosocial Society 10th Annual Conference, Huntington Beach, CA. (November 2012). Accepted, National.

Honors, Awards, and Grants


2014       Voted Best Faculty to Speak at Pinning Ceremony (December 2014), Fayetteville State University

2005       Voted Best Faculty for Pinning Ceremony - HU-CVB

2003       Voted Best Faculty for Pinning Ceremony - Norfolk State University

2002       Chi Eta Phi Nursing Sorority

2001        Outstanding Teacher 's Award - Norfolk State University

2000       Charter Member, Sigma Theta Tau, Inc., International Honor Society of Nursing


2017       Outstanding Mentorship McNair Scholars Summer Internship Program

2009       UJIMA Scholar for Brigham and Women's Hospital

2007       Pearl Rosendahl Excellence in Nursing Education Award, Theta Alpha Chapter Award 

1989       Crisis Assessment Team Outstanding Performance Award - Tidewater Psychiatric Institute

1984       Special Service Award - Cameron University1983 Academic Achievement Award - Cameron University


Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Nurse Education Practice and Retention Grant

The major goal of this project is to establish a comprehensive Interprofessional Behavioral Center (IPBC) that focuses on the biopsychosocial health of military personnel, veterans and their families. The Department of Nursing at Fayetteville State University (FSU) will lead this collaboration with the departments of Social Work, Psychology as well as the FSU/ Fort Bragg Veteran's Center and Fayetteville VA Medical Center. The IPBC will support an interdisciplinary professional collaborative practice model for staff by providing high quality culturally centered and well-coordinated care that meets the biopsychosocial health needs of diverse populations including military families.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield  Nursing Scholarship Grant     

The major goal is to support equipment need for an integrated collaborative practice model within the Collaborative Institute for Interprofessional Education & Practice.


University of Massachusetts Boston PI: Project "Racial Disparities in Depression and Mental Healthcare Utilization in Lung Cancer Patients: This research initiative plans to further develop our comprehensive partnership between the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) and the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DFHCC). The goal of our partnership is to address health disparities in minority populations; to improve research in basic, clinical, and population science; and to provide training, research, and outreach opportunities for minority students, nurses, and scientists.    

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Nurse Education Practice and Retention Grant      

The major goals of this project are to expand the enrollment and graduation of baccalaureate prepared nurses (BSN) from the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) to enhance the nursing workforce so that qualified nurses are available to meet the healthcare needs of diverse populations in the greater Boston area. 

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Nursing Workforce Diversity      

The major goal of this project is to use lessons learned from the pilot program 'Bringing the Best to Nursing' (BBN), which ran from 9/1/03-7/31/06 to improve graduation rates, employment opportunities and NCLEX examination pass rates for racial and ethnic minorities, underrepresented population among registered nurses, and economically disadvantaged students. Nursing Scholars Program (NSP) is a Nursing Workforce Diversity Initiative that supports undergraduate nursing students in becoming Registered Nurses. Participants are supported through retention programs, pre-entry preparation programs, and by providing students scholarships or stipends.

HRSA Workforce Diversity Grant         

 Nursing Scholars, University of Massachusetts Boston, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

National Library of Medicine through Sigma Theta Tau International - Delta Iota Chapter, Hampton University      

 "Six household Product Outreach Training (SPOT): Hazardous Waste Disposal - ToxTown."

Norfolk State University Mini Grant   

            "Strategies for NCLEX Success for Minority Students"

Professional Experiences and Memberships

Professional Experiences

Dr. Sheila Cannon is a board-certified Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatric Mental Health through American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and is credential to practices in the Institute and in Brunswick County, North Carolina.  She has been a practicing board-certified advanced practice registered nurse APRN / psychiatric clinician since 1996 through the ANCC. She has been a senior administrator in many psychiatric hospitals early in her nursing career.  Dr. Cannon has been teaching undergraduate and graduate psychiatric nursing for over 22 years and an RN for 33 years.  She specializes in individual, couple, and family therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and psychiatric consultation and medication management across the life span.  She also specializes in the treatment of bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, and adjustment and personality disorders.    

Professional Memberships

2020-Present   Fayetteville State University Omega Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, Counselor

2017-2020          Fayetteville State University Honor Society, Charter member                              

                              Sigma Theta Tau International, member

American Nurses Association

American Psychiatric Nursing Association

Sigma Theta Tau, Inc (Past President of Delta Iota Chapter, Hampton University)

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc., Epsilon Iota Omega

Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. (ABNF)

North Carolina Psychiatric Nurse Council