Supporting Student Athletes

The Academic Support Program is a tool to help student-athletes reach their academic goals and be successful at Fayetteville State University

The mission of the program is to assist all student-athletes in realizing their academic potential by providing academic support. The athlete advising coordinator will continue to monitor the athlete's eligibility and progress towards degree completion. University College provides the first-year student-athlete and others seeking academic support in FSU core courses a variety of access, support, advisement, and enrichment programs to help all student-athletes succeed. For more information on student-athletes, please visit

Academic Success at FSU consists of several resources and
services to the student-athlete and their coaches-such as:

  • The central point of contact for questions concerning academics and athletics
  • Variety of academic resources to both our athletes and our coaches
  • Workshops to improve understanding of FSU's academic rules and regulations
  • Meetings with recruits and their families to answer questions about FSU's academic requirements
  • Advise all student-athletes for their first four semesters and assist them with registration
  • Continue to work with all athletes on matters of academic eligibility and progress towards degree
  • Act as a liaison between the faculty and coaches regarding academic issues and other information
  • Consult with coaches and students about the requirements of transferring academic credits
  • Work with the Athletic Compliance Officer to record that each athlete is up to date with the NCAA's academic regulations

The NCAA Division II Athletics Directors Association Awards Ceremony on August 26, 2018.


For additional academic support, please visit the following resources: