Bronco STAR Initiative

Supporting Transition, Access, and Retention - Here, You Belong

Bronco STAR is an academic support program at Fayetteville State that works toward increasing access and decreasing barriers to a college degree for students who learn differently. Because we do not require a diagnosis, students with Executive Functioning challenges, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and other learning differences will receive free on-campus resources. The Bronco STAR Initiative works in several ways. Students who have learning differences, and do not learn the traditional way may benefit from our package of services. Bronco STAR participants will have access to:

1. Weekly Mindfulness Sessions (meditation)

2. Utilizing our two Guaranteed Study Spaces between 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday in the Helen T. Chick Building 

3. Academic Workshops & Events

4. Free Assistive Technology (iPads, Surface Pros, Laptops, MacBook, Livescribe Note Taking Pen (Echo & Livescribe 3), TI-84 Calculator, Audio Recorder, Noise Canceling Headphones, Speaking Naturally Dragon, IRIS Executive Pen, Magnifying Glass, Learning Ally Audio Textbooks)

5. Utilizing the Campus Asset Map for free resources, faculty and staff support, and tutoring

How to Apply: Students in the Bronco STAR program must be admitted to FSU through the regular admissions process. Once you are an enrolled Bronco, you can complete the Intake Process and will receive additional resources from the Project Director. 

Coach and Participant

For Faculty & Staff  The Bronco STAR Champions Committee are our partners in the effort to increase transition, access, and retention in many student-centered offices across campus. Champions' primary role is to serve as advocates for students with learning differences and as a point of contact for our students when they need assistance. Champions will receive UDL (Universal Design for Learning) Training in order to gain knowledge and use best practices while assisting students.

To learn more about our program at Appalachian State University & East Carolina University, please visit the College STAR Website.