Gautam Research Group

Gautam Research Group


Principal Investigator

Dr. Bhoj Gautam
Dr. Bhoj Gautam
Dr. Gautam bio

Student Researchers

Washat Roxane Ware
Washat Roxane Ware
Undergraduate Student
PREM Scholar
Sheenamelia Jones
Sheenamelia Jones
Undergraduate Student
RIA Scholar
Shayauna McGougan
Shayauna McGougan
Undergraduate Student
S4 Scholar
Zonia Kelly
Zonia Kelly
Undergraduate Student
RIA Scholar
Felicia Troyer
Felicia Troyer
Undergraduate Student
Daria Thomas
Daria Thomas
Undergraduate Student
RIA Scholar
Shayla Young
Shayla Young
Undergraduate Student
EIR Scholar
Kaitlyn Zuravel and Lauren Zuravel
Kaitlyn Zuravel and Lauren Zuravel
High School Students
Former Members
  • Miracle Briggs
  • Alisha Ware
  • Tia Wright
  • Jennifer Barkley
  • Michael Carter Rose
  • Carlin Ashford
  • Lianis Reyes-Rosa
  • Antony Devita
  • Jesus Rivereacorrea


Research Interests

  • Steady and time resolved photoluminescence on polymer and perovskite materials
  • Raman spectroscopy of two dimensional MXenes and polymer nanoparticles
  • Ultrafast pump probe spectroscopy on light harvesting materials
  • Structure property relationship in conjugated polymers and organic small molecules
  • Magnetic properties of two dimensional MXenes
  • Optical and chemical sensors based on conjugated polymers
  • Semitransparent solar cells and greenhouse effect
  • Nanoparticle and quantum dot synthesis for biomedical and forensic applications
Research Grants

PI: Bhoj Gautam. Research Initiation Award: Structure-Property Relationships of Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Photovoltaic Applications. National Science Foundation, HRD 1900998, 04/01/2019-03/31/2023, $298,701.00 (ongoing).

PI: Zhiping Luo; Co-PI:Bhoj Gautam, Shubo Han, Shaik Zainuddin. Targeted Infusion Project: Development of an Interdisciplinary Materials Science Graduate Certificate Program (IMS-GCP) to Strengthen STEM Education through a Bridging Approach. National Science Foundation, HRD 2106181, 09/01/2021-08/31/2024, $400,000 (ongoing).

PI: Zhiping Luo; Co-PI: Bhoj Gautam, Shubo Han. Excellence in Research: Collaborative Research on Nanosensors to Develop Research Capacities at Interdisciplinary Materials Research and Education Laboratory (IMREL). National Science Foundation, ECCS 1900837, 09/01/2019-08/31/2022, $500,000 (ongoing).

PI: Zhiping Luo; Co-PI: Bhoj Gautam, Daryush Ila, Weigang Lu, Dan Neuman. IMREL-CHRNS Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (IC-PREM) using a National Facility. National Science Foundation, DMR 1827731, 09/01/2018-08/31/2022, $600,000 (ongoing).


48.  Morphology of Perylene Dimide based Polymer Non-Fullerene Solar Cells: Effect of Thermal Annealing, T. Wright, W. Ware, J. Barkley, S. Han, and B. R.  Gautam, Microscopy and Microanalysis/Cambridge University Press, 22 (Suppl 1) (2021).

47. Microscopic Characterization of Eco-friendly Lokta Paper. Microscopy and Microanalysis/Cambridge University Press, 27 (Suppl 1), G. M. Aryal, W. Ware, S. Han, G. George, Z.  Luo, B. P. Kandel, B. R. Gautam, and B. Neupane (2021).

46. Impact of Dimensionality on Optoelectronic Properties of Hybrid Perovskites, W. R. Ware, T.  Wright, A. Devita, E. O. Danilov, B. R. Gautam, Int. J. Photoenergy, 8822703, 7 (2021).

45. Tuning the Magnetic Properties of Two-Dimensional MXenes by Chemical Etching, K.E. Allen-Perry, W. Straka, D. Keith, S. Han, L. Reynolds, B. Gautam, D.E. Autrey, Materials, 14(3), 694 (2021).

44. Aggregation Controlled Charge Generation in Fullerene Based Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells: Effect of Additive, W. Ware, T. Wright, Y. Mao, S. Han, J. Guffie, E. O. Danilov, J. Rech, W. You, Z. Luo, B. R. Gautam, Polymers, 13, 115 (2020).

43. Effects of polymer crystallinity on non-fullerene acceptor based organic solar cell photostability, X. Yi, C. H. Ho, B. Gautam, L. Lei, A. H. Chowdhuri, B. Bahrami, Q. Qiao and F. So, J. Mater. Chem. C, 8, 16092-16099 (2020).

42. Morphological Characterization of Polymer Blends: Impact of Side Chain Modification, W. Ware, A. Devita, T. Wright, S. Han, and B. R. Gautam, Microscopy and Microanalysis/Cambridge University Press, 26 (Suppl 2) (2020).

41. Efficient and Air-Stable Aqueous-Processed Organic Solar Cells and Transistors: Impact of Water Addition on Processability and Thin-Film Morphologies of Electroactive Materials, C. Lee, H. R. Lee, J. Choi, Y. Kim, T. L. Nguyen, W. Lee, B. Gautam, X. Liu, K. Zhang, F. Huang, J. H. Oh, H. Y. Woo, B. J. Kim, Adv. Energy Mater. 8, 1802674 (2018).

40. Aqueous Soluble Fullerene Acceptors for Efficient Eco-Friendly Polymer Solar Cells Processed from Benign Ethanol/Water Mixtures, Y. Kim, J. Choi, C. Lee, Y. Kim, C. Kim, T. L. Nguyen, B. R. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, H. Y. Woo, and B. J. Kim, Chem. Mater. 30, 16, 5663-5672 (2018)

39. Luminescence characteristics of rare-earth-doped barium hexafluorogermanate BaGeF 6 nanowires: fast subnanosecond decay time and high sensitivity in H 2 O 2 detection, G. George, M. D. Simpson, B. R. Gautam, D. Fang, J. Peng, J. Wen, J. E. Davis, D. Ila, and Z. Luo, RSC Advances, 8(69), 39296-39306 (2018).

38. Increased exciton delocalization of polymer upon blending with fullerene, B. Gautam, E. Klump, X. Yi, I. Constantinou, N. Shewmon, A. Salehi, C. K. Lo, Z. Zheng, J-L. Brédas, K. Gundogdu, J. R. Reynolds, and F. So, Adv. Mater., 2018, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201801392

37. Every atom counts: Elucidating the fundamental impact of structural change in conjugated polymers for organic photovoltaics, C. K. Lo, B. R. Gautam, P. Selter, Z. Zheng, S. D. Oosterhout, I. Constantinou, R. Knitsch, R. M.W.Wolfe, X. Yi, J-L. Brédas, F. So, M. F. Toney, V. Coropceanu, M. R. Hansen, K. Gundogdu, J. R. Reynolds, Chem. Mater., 30, 2995-3009 (2018).

36. The role of FRET in non-fullerene organic solar cells: Implications for molecular design, B. R. Gautam, R. Younts, J. Carpenter, H. Ade, and K. Gundogdu, J. Phys. Chem. A15, 3764-3771 (2018).

35. Charge generation dynamics in polymer nonfullerene solar cells with low energy loss, R. Younts, E. Danilov, K. Gundogdu, and B. Gautam, J. Photon. Energy, 8, 032209 (2018).

34. Impact of nonfullerene molecular architecture on charge generation, transport, and morphology in PTB7-Th-based organic solar cells, X. Yi, B. Gautam, I. Constantinou, Y. Cheng, Z. Peng, E. Klump, X. Ba, C. Hoi, Y. Ho, C. Dong, S. R. Marder, J. R. Reynolds, S. Tsang, H. Ade, and F. So, Adv. Funct. Mater.  1802702 (2018), DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201802702

33. Fast luminescence from rare-earth-codoped BaSiF6 nanowires with high aspect ratios, G. George, S. L. Jackson, Z. R. Mobley, B. R. Gautam, D. Fang, J. Peng, D. Luo, J. Wen, J. E. Davis, D. Ila, and Z. Luo, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C8TC01651H

32. Polymer non-fullerene solar cells of vastly different efficiencies for minor side-chain modification: Impact of charge transfer, carrier lifetime, morphology and mobility, O. M. Awartani, B. Gautam, W. Zhao, R. Younts, J. Hou, K. Gundogdu, and H. Ade, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C7TA01746D

31. Impact of highly crystalline, isoindigo-based small-molecular additives for enhancing the performance of all-polymer solar cells, H. Cho, G. Han, R. Younts, W. Lee, B. R. Gautam, S. Lee, C. Lee, T. Kim, F. S. Kim, K. Gundogdu, and B. J. Kim, J. Mater. Chem. A5, 21291 (2017).

30. Strong variation of molecular weight‒dependent interaction parameter: impact on morphology formation and performance in DPP3T:fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells, J.-H. Kim, A. Gadisa, C. Schaefer, H. Yao, B. R. Gautam, N. Balar, M. Ghasemi, B. T. O'Connor, K. Gundogdu, J. Hou, and H. Ade, J. Mater. Chem. A5, 13176-13188 (2017).

29. Single component organic solar cells based on oligothiophene-fullerene conjugate, T. L. Nguyen, T. H. Lee, B. Gautam, S. Y, Park, K. Gundogdu, J. Y. Kim, and H. Y. Woo, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1702474 (2017).

28. The impact of sequential fluorination of π-conjugated polymers on charge generation in all-polymer solar cells, K. Kranthiraja, S. Kim, K. Gunasekar, C. Lee, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, S-H. Jin, and B. J. Kim, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1701256 (2017).

27. Ultraviolet-ozone surface modification for non-wetting hole transport materials based inverted planar perovskite solar cells with efficiency exceeding 18%, X. Xu, C. Ma, Y. Cheng, Y.-M. Xie, X. Yi, B. Gautam, S. Chen, H-W Li, C-S. Lee, F. So, and S.-W. Tsang, J. Power Sources, 360, 157e165 (2017).

26. Near-infrared non-fullerene organic solar cells with high efficient charge separation at a small driving force, Y. Li*,L. Zhong*,B. Gautam*,J.-D Lin,F.-P. Wu, Z.-Q. Jiang, Z.-G. Zhang, Z. Zhang, K. Gundogdu,Y.  Li, and L.-S. Liao, Energy Environ. Sci.10, 1610-1620 (2017). * contributed equally.

25. Efficient generation of long-lived triplet excitons in 2D hybrid perovskite, R. Younts*, H.-S. Duan*, B. Gautam*, B. Saparov, J. Liu, C. Mongin, F. N. Castellano, D. B. Mitzi, and K. Gundogdu, Adv. Mater. (2017). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201604278 * contributed equally.

24. Efficient charge transfer and fine-tuned energy level alignment in a THF-processed fullerene-free organic solar cell that yields 11.3% efficiency, Z. Zheng*, O. M. Awartani*B. Gautam*, D. Liu, Y. Qin, W. Li, A. Bataller, K. Gundogdu, H. Ade, and J. Hou, Adv. Mater. (2016). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201604241 * contributed equally.

23. Design and synthesis of BODIPY sensitizers with long alkyl chains tethered to N-carbazole and their application for dye sensitized solar cells, H. Cheemaa, R. Younts, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu and A. El-Shafei, Mater. Chem and Phys, 184, 57-63 (2016).

22. Controlling energy levels and blend morphology for all-polymer solar cells via fluorination of a naphthalene diimide-based copolymer acceptor, M. A. Uddin, Y. Kim, R. Younts, W. Lee, B. Gautam, J. Choi, C. Wang, K. Gundogdu, B. J. Kim, and H. Y. Woo, Macromolecules (2016). DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.6b01414.

21. Effects of Cd diffusion and doping in high-performance perovskite solar cells using CdS as electron transport layer, W. A. Dunlap-Shohl, R. Younts, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, and D. B. Mitzi, J. Phys. Chem.C, 120 (30)16437-16445 (2016).

20. Fast charge separation in a non-fullerene organic solar cell with a small driving force, J. Liu, S. Chen, D. Qian, B. Gautam, G. Yang, J. Zhao, J. Bergqvist, F. Zhang, W. Ma, H. Ade, O. Inganäs, K. Gundogdu, F. Gao and H. Yan, Nature Energy 1, 16089 (2016).

19. Charge generation dynamics in efficient all-polymer solar cells: Influence of polymer packing and morphology, B. R. Gautam, C. Lee, R. Younts,W. Lee, E. Danilov,B. J. Kim, and K. Gundogdu, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7, 27586(2015).

18. Charge photogeneration in organic photovoltaics: Role of hot versus cold charge transfer excitons, B. R. GautamR. Younts, W. Li, L. Yan, E. Danilov, E.  KlumpI. Constantinou, F. So, W. You, H. Ade, and K Gundogdu, Adv. Energy Mater. 1501032 (2015). Front cover of Journal

17. Direct optical observation of stimulated emission from hot charge transfer excitons in bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells, B. R. Gautam, A.  Barrette, C. Mai, L. Yan, Q. Zhang, E. Danilov,W. You, H.  Ade, and Kenan Gundogdu, J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 19697-19702 (2015).

16. A PCBM electron transport layer containing small amounts of dual polymer additives that enables enhanced perovskite solar cell performance, Z. Zhu, Q. Xue, H. He, K. Jiang, Z. Hu, Y. Bai, T. Zhang, S. Xiao, K. Gundogdu, B. R. Gautam, H. Ade, F. Huang, K. S. Wong, H. Yip, S. Yang, and H. Yan, Adv. Sci., 1500353 (2015).

15. A Femtosecond study of the anomaly in electron injection for dye-sensitized solar cells: the influence of isomerization employing Ru(II) sensitizers with anthracene and phenanthrene ancillary ligands, H. Cheema, R. Younts, L. Ogbose, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, and A. El-Shafei, Phys. Chem. Chem, Phys 17 (4), 2750-2756 (2015).

14. The effect of light-induced metastable defects on the magneto-conductance of poly (phenylene-vinylene) diodes, B. R. Gautam, D. Sun, T.D. Nguyen, and Z. V. Vardeny, SPIN, 4, (02), 1440012(2014).

13. Short-lived charge-transfer excitons in organic photovoltaic cells studied by high-field magneto-photocurrent, A.H. Devir-Wolfman*, B. Khachatryan*, B. R. Gautam*, L. Tzabary, A. Keren, N. Tessler, Z. V. Vardeny, and E. Ehrenfreund, Nat. Commun., 5, 4529 (2014). * contributed equally.

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9. More stable and more efficient alternatives of Z-907: carbazole-based amphiphilic Ru (II) sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells, H. Cheema, A. Ishlam, R. Younts, B. Gautam, I. Bedga, R. K. Gupta, L. Han, K.  Gundogdu, and A. El-Shafei, Phys. Chem. Chem, Phys 16 (4), 27078-27087 (2014). 

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1. Magnetoconductance response in unipolar and bipolar organic diodes at ultrasmall fields, T. D. Nguyen, B. R. Gautam, E. Ehrenfreund, and Z. V. Vardeny, Phys. Rev. Lett., 105, 166804 (2010).

Group News

March 11, 2022:  Washat Roxane Ware was accepted for the NIST SURF Gaithersburg program in the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) for summer 2022. Congratulations Roxanne!

March 04, 2022, Washat Roxane Ware was awarded with Departmental Student of the Year. Congratulations Roxanne! 

March 03, 2022, Kaitlyn Zuravel, a high school student is awarded with Park Scholarship to North Carolina State University. Kaitlyn has been awarded a four-year scholarship, currently valued at $116,000 for in-state students and $208,000 for out-of-state students. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, and room and board at NC State. As a Park Scholar, Kaitlyn will also receive a generous stipend toward personal expenses and the purchase of a new computer.  Congratulations Kaitlyn!

May 12, 2021, Jennifer Barkley was accepted for the NASA internship at Marshall Space Flight Center.  Congratulations Jennifer!

April 28, 2021, Daria Thomas and Tia Wright were accepted for the North Carolina State University summer internship through NSF RIA grant. Congratulations Daria and Tia!

April 28, 2021, Lianis Reyes-Rosa, Jennifer Barkley, and Daria Thomas participated in Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) Innovation & Technology Transfer Idea Competition (MITTIC) 2021 and won the competition. Congratulations Lianis, Jennifer, and Daria!

April 16, 2021 Sheenamelia Jones Ware was awarded with Departmental Student of the Year. Congratulations Sheenamelia!
Tia Wright was awarded Departmental Student Researcher of the Year. Congratulations Tia!

April 09, 2021, Jennifer Barkley was accepted to the College of Engineering program at North Carolina State University for Fall 2021. Congratulations Jennifer!

April 08, 2021, Lianis Reyes-Rosa was accepted to the bridge to the Doctoral fellowship program at the University of Virginal for Fall 2021. She received the annual living support in the amount of $24,000 from August 2021 through July 2022. Congratulations Lianis!

February 09, 2021, Lianis Reyes-Rosa was accepted for the 2021 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP). Congratulations Lianis!

November 09, 2020 Washat Roxane Ware was awarded with Departmental Student of the Year. Congratulations Roxanne!
Jennifer Barkley was awarded Departmental Service Student of the Year. Congratulations Jennifer!

May 20, 2019: Michael Rose was accepted for the North Carolina State University summer internship through NSF RIA grant. Congratulations Michael!

March 21, 2019:  Washat Roxane Ware was accepted for the NIST SURF Gaithersburg program in the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) for summer 2019. Congratulations Roxanne!

January 12, 2019, Antony Devita, a high school student was accepted to the Computer Engineering program at Georgia Tech University for Fall 2019. Congratulations Antony!

April 04, 2018:  Jesus Riveracorrea was accepted for summer internship at Naval Research Lab. Congratulations Jesus!

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