The Fayetteville State University Planetarium has delighted and educated the public since 1978. The planetarium is available for shows until December, 2017. Starting then, renovations will begin courtesy of the ConnectNC bond, and are expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. During the renovations, the planetarium will not be available so we'll take the show on the road! The schedule of events in locations around the Fayetteville area will be posted so you can find one near you.

Planetarium shows are live and narrated by Jonathan Breitzer and Joe Kabbes. The show includes a tour through the Solar System and include Saturday shows.

More Information

Planetarium shows are free! Register a show for yourself or for your group today!

Listed on the Autism Society of North Carolina's statewide database of service providers.

Located right here in Fayetteville in the Lyons Science Building on the lovely campus of Fayetteville State University!


Also visit our aquarium reef while you're here.

Reserve a show

Shows for November and early December are still available. Just select the showtime you want and click the button that says "enroll yourself." Create an account if it's your first time, and input your information, including how many seats you want. You will get a confirmation email after you register. Make sure you follow the instructions on the email for parking.


The REEF at FSU is our aquarium and is also available for individuals and groups for a guided tour. The REEF is in the same building as the Planetarium, but it will remain open during the renovation.

Large groups

The Planetarium seats 55 comfortably, but we have a few extra seats we can squeeze in. Larger groups can be divided and switched with the aquarium: one group goes to the REEF, the other to the planetarium, and then the groups switch. Just reserve both the aquarium and the planetarium for both times on a day that's available.

Meditation Under the Stars

Anybody who has even been to a planetarium knows how relaxing they can be, with the soft lighting and music. We are open on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon for guided meditation sessions with our very own Dr. Michael Devalve. The meditation sessions last about 45 minutes, and for those on lunch break on Wednesday, don't worry about the time: lights come on at precisely 11:50. The meditation sessions focus on breathing techniques and imagery, with a focus on stress relief and a goal of fostering a sense of relaxed concentration towards your everyday tasks. The lights are dimmed so you can see the stars.

Meditation sessions are free and open to the public. If you are not an FSU student or employee, be sure to register your car on campus by visiting the police station. FSU is also located on FAST routes 11 and 12.

If you're late, you're still welcome to join us. The door will be closed but unlocked, and simply follow the directions posted on the door in case the planetarium is already dark.