Restrictions & Financial Holds

Fayetteville State University expects that all students meet their financial obligations prior to the start of each semester. In some cases, students may become past due during the semester for various reasons (i.e. adjusted financial aid, missing payments on payment plans, additional charges incurred, etc.)

If students have a balance on their account by the close of business on the payment deadline date, their class schedules will be dropped (canceled) due to nonpayment.

In an effort to collect on past due debt, the University will make attempts to contact students via email, telephone calls and collection letters based on the information provided by students to the University. The collection notices will advise students of an outstanding balance and the steps to take to avoid further collection efforts. In some instances, the balances can be cleared by simply accepting the terms and conditions of your financial aid, signing scholarship checks provided by third party agencies issued to both the student and the University or making payment from personal funds.

*Please note: Students are responsible for balances on their account. Even when a bill is not generated or received, the balance is still due.Regardless of the nature of the balance, a hold is placed on the past due student account until the entire past due balance is paid in full. If a hold is placed on the student's account they will not be able to:

  • Register for future semesters
  • Access grades online
  • Receive Transcripts
  • Receive Diplomas

Failure to make satisfactory arrangements may be subject to further collection efforts which may include:

  • Accounts may be submitted to the NC Attorney General's Office for collection.
  • Accounts may be placed with a collection agency and reported to national credit bureaus.
  • Accounts may be submitted as part of the Set Off Debt Collection Act(SODCA) to withhold NC state taxes until the balance is paid in full.
  • Accounts may be submitted as part of the State Employee's Debt Collection Act (SEDCA) if the student is employed by the State of North Carolina.

Please respond promptly to any past due notices and make arrangements with Student Accounts (Billings & Receivables) to satisfy any financial obligations.