Building Trades

The Skilled Trades unit is comprised of five core maintenance shops. Each shop is responsible for routine and scheduled preventative maintenance of all building structures and components. The Building Trades team provides services in the following areas: Building Maintenance (Carpentry/Housing Maintenance), Mechanical Maintenance (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical), Locksmith, and Paint and Masonry.


Provides building electrical system support (changing bulbs and new light fixtures) for routine building maintenance, renovation projects, and electric equipment installation.

Our team of campus HVAC technicians keep campus mechanical equipment functioning safely and properly in support of the campus community. Services include but are not limited to: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, boiler and cooling tower repairs, and refrigeration services.

Our team of plumbing technicians provide services related to plumbing systems. Services include but are not limited to water leak repair, clogs and backups, water heaters, swimming pool chemistry, water fountains and bottle fill stations.

Building Maintenance
Our Building Maintenance team consists of a combination of the carpentry and housing maintenance teams. The group is focused on all aspects of building maintenance. The Building Maintenance team provides services related to general maintenance and roofing systems.

Paint and Masonry
The Paint and Masonry Shop is charged with providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the university community, and its contributions are visible both inside and outside of campus buildings. This unit handles all the campus painting and also other tasks such as concrete repair, block and brick work, tile setting, drywall finish and plaster repair, and pressure washing. Facilities Management provides repainting on a 10/8-year cycle. Once every 10 years for all classrooms and offices, and once every 8 years in public areas.

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