FSU Confidential Resources

Individuals who believe that they are victims of any gender or sex-based harassment, discrimination, or related misconduct should consider the following resources for assistance, information, and support:

The Univeristy encourages all community members to make a prompt report of any incident of sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or intimate partner violence to local law enforcement and the University. For individuals who are not prepared to make a report, or who may be unsure what happened, but are still seeking information and support, there are several on-campus confidential resources available. Any disclosure of an incident while seeking confidential services will not constitute a report to the University and the University will not investigate or respond.

Confidential resources will not share any information with the University or anyone else, unless there is an imminent risk of harm to self or others.

Confidential support does not constitute a report to the University or Title IX Office. 

Individuals who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are welcome to confidentially seek supportive services from the Center for Counseling and Personal Development, and/or Student Health Services, and/or the Employee Assistance Program. 



Individuals who desire to receive confidential counseling, information about filing a complaint,  and/or filing a complaint in a confidential setting that will not be shared with the FSU Title IX Office should contact: 

Counseling and Personal Development Center provides free, private, and confidential counseling services to FSU students. Spaulding Building (910) 672-1222 

Student Health Services provides a variety of confidential student-centered, quality health and preventative services to FSU students. Spaulding Building (910)672-1259

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