Student Disability Services

The Counseling and Personal Development Center oversees the Student Disability Services Program for the university. The university is committed to supporting the matriculation of all students without regard to sex, race, religion, or disability. The university continues to the identify possible barriers for students with disabilities in attempts to reduce these barriers while increasing accessibility through the provision of reasonable accommodations.

To ensure maximum participation of our students with disabilities in the full educational experience, the Student Disability Services program coordinates and provides reasonable accommodations to students who qualify to receive these services. Student Disability Services are provided for free and confidentially in a welcoming atmosphere. Information discussed is held in strict confidence to the limits provided by law. No record of student disability services is annotated on academic transcripts or placement files.

Applying for Services

Completing the Student Disability Services Registration Form is the first step in applying for services. Students must provide medical documentation to substantiate the qualifying disability.

Documentation Requirement

Medical documentation guidelines will be annotated on the registration form. If you have any questions about the medical documentation requirement, please call (910) 672-1222.

Approved Requests: Once a student completes the registration process and meets the criteria for receiving Student Disability Services, Counseling and Personal Development Center staff will send out confidential reasonable accommodation notification emails to instructors on behalf of student.  Counseling and Personal Development staff work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff and campus partners in regard to the implementation of reasonable accommodations.

General services include: testing accommodations, assistive technology, interpreting services and note-taking services. In addition, Student Disability Services provides advocacy, and non-academic advising services when needed. Students with disabilities who need assistance in utilizing university services should register with the Counseling and Personal Development Center as soon as they are admitted to the university.