FSU Scholarships

Fayetteville State University is proud to assist its deserving current and future students with tuition and fees through scholarships supported by our donors. Our Endowed Scholarships are established with $25,000 and are designated from accrued interests as funds are available. Our General Scholarships vary in amount and are awarded directly to eligible students at the beginning of each academic year. Alumni Scholarships are funded by Alumni Classes or Alumni Chapters of the National Alumni Association. Athletic Scholarships are limited to active and deserving athletes at FSU. Many of our scholarships are designated for particular majors, but some are for students in general who maintain a corresponding grade point average.

  • To establish a general scholarship or endowment, please contact Mr. Clanton D. Johnson, Director of Advancement Services, via email cdjohnson02@uncfsu.edu or by phone (910) 672-2422.
  • To support an existing scholarship or endowment, please specify your designation with your contribution. Any donor is welcome support any existing scholarship or endowment.

To apply for a scholarship, please use the online application.  By completing this form, the Office of Financial Aid will consider all the scholarships listed below. Keep in mind, the Office of Financial Aid will follow up with you once you have submitted your application if you qualify to receive any funding.

In order to be considered for any FSU Scholarship, the applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete a free FASFA Application at www.fafsa.ed.gov for the fiscal year (July through June).
  2. Be a currently enrolled degree seeking student at Fayetteville State University OR applied and accepted for admission.
  3. Demonstrate potential for making positive contributions to the FSU community.
  4. Have a minimum GPA as indicated below:
  5. New Students admitted to FSU - 3.0 GPA
  6. Continuing Undergraduate Students - 3.0 GPA
  7. Continuing Graduate Students - 3.5 GPA
  8. Submit a completed online application and two letters of recommendation.
Endowed Scholarships