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The Planetarium exists to serve the Fayetteville State University community and the southeastern North Carolina region. Since it was built in 1978, children and adults alike have been entertained and informed by shows featuring the sun, moon, five planets in their correct positions, and 2354 stars projected on its 30-foot dome with the Spitz 512 projector. The Planetarium seats 55, but several more chairs are available to accommodate larger crowds.


Eclipse Reflections

Don't throw away your eclipse glasses just yet! On Tuesday, August 29, at 7:00 pm, you're invited to share your experiences and your pictures and videos about the eclipse in the Planetarium, whether you got to see totality or not. Send your pictures and videos to Joe Kabbes at Hope to see you there!

New reservation system available

Click here to reserve a show online. Just create an account (you only need to do this once), select an available time, and indicate how many seats you need. 

There is no minimum group size! Individuals can reserve just the same as groups. If you have a group larger than 60, you can break it up into two shows and book the aquarium as well.

Our current show is “Tour Through the Solar System.” Narrated live by the director, we zoom in and out of the Sun, planets, and moons in their correct relative sizes. Find out what the surface and the sky look like on different planets, and the newest views of Pluto. This will be followed by our ever popular look at the stars and constellations on the dome, concluded by making the room into different colors.

You can contact the Planetarium Director, Dr. Jonathan Breitzer, if you have any questions. or (910) 672-1176.

Programs last 50 minutes..

We now have an aquarium!

Located in the same building as the Planetarium, the Research Education Enrichment Facility (REEF) is a working research aquarium that is open to the public for reservations! In addition to two large reef tanks, there is also a touch tank where you can touch brittle stars, sea urchins, and several species of crabs and lobsters.

The REEF website

To reserve an aquarium show, just use the form here on the Planetarium website, where you can indicate that you'd like to reserve the aquarium.

New directions for buses

School buses are now requested to park in the Capel Arena parking lot. This is a distance from the Planetarium, so under "Directions" is step-by-step instructions, with photos, showing where bus drivers are to drop off the kids and park the bus.

Coloring book available

In collaboration with Socorro Hernandez-Hinek and her students at FSU's Department of Performing and Fine Arts, a coloring book has been made available for you to download and print. You'll find this especially useful if you have young children and would like to add a fun activity to a planetarium trip.

Jonathan Breitzer wearing a tie

Dr. Jonathan Breitzer
Planetarium director
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Fayetteville State University
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28301

(910) 672-1176

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