Year Three and Moving Forward, Together

Date: March 18, 2024

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Message from the Office of the Chancellor

It is said that the third-year anniversary is a testament to strength, longevity, and evidence that a person has been tried – even tested – and has demonstrated commitment and staying power.

As I mark my third year as Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer at Fayetteville State University, I do so not only in reflection but also in renewing my commitment to this great and storied university.

When I arrived in 2021, I soon discovered there had been a significant underinvestment in FSU. This meant that for decades we had not received the necessary funding to build on this campus and even fewer resources to address much needed repairs and renovations. This didn’t sit well with me. As our state’s second oldest university, FSU along with our students, faculty, staff and alumni, deserved better. Therefore, my commitment and focus went into overdrive, and I am proud to say, on this third anniversary, that FSU has received more than $210 million from the state to help stabilize and advance this deserving university.

Chancellor Allison's 3-year overview

This funding has launched a multitude of projects, including the construction of a new College of Education, a new residential hall, and a health and wellness center, to name a few. You literally see multiple construction sites and cranes when walking across our campus today – signs of renewal that instill hope for a strong future in our students, faculty, staff and alumni. I don’t take this lightly and I humbly thank campus leadership and that of our leaders at the UNC System and state legislature. FSU will make good on the millions of dollars invested, as we, collectively, move this university forward.

But our investment goes way beyond the confines of this university. FSU’s investment in our community is becoming more tangible and impactful. The development of the Fayetteville-Cumberland Regional Entrepreneurship and Business Hub is boosting the regional economy and making a tremendous impact on small business owners who are utilizing the space to get certified and trained in government contracts, bid opportunities and more. The HUB services 10-counties, including Cumberland County, and in 2023 served more than 5,000 participants. The HUB has successfully help to launch 54 new businesses that created 250 new jobs which included minority and women owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses and small businesses within the targeted region and secured more than $30 million dollars in contracts.

Those who know me know that I set the bar very high because I truly believe in you, me, and the power of WE. As an individual, I am personally hardwired like that, and as a leader, I drive this work so that FSU can thrive, and our efforts and accomplishments can be tracked in the 10-year Campus Master Plan and in the 2022-2027 Ready for Tomorrow Strategic Plan.

When I engage our students, I am so grateful to hear of them taking advantage of our affordable tuition offerings and paid internships, academic enrichment programs and student leadership opportunities. Moreover, as I meet with faculty and researchers and visit classrooms, I am witnessing their dedication to our students, and I am so impressed by the feedback I receive.  I work alongside a leadership team that is second to none: Each day they bring their talent, experience, and drive to this work on behalf of FSU.

Our commitment can be seen in our increased enrollment for three consecutive years. It is demonstrated in our free summer school program that is growing each year, where over 4,000 enrolled last summer. Our progress to increase our commitment to military-affiliated students, who represents 32% of our total student population, is demonstrated in the free military tuition scholarships and in the support system we have nurtured.

As I reflect on these solid accomplishments, I also use this time to reaffirm my personal commitment to continue the great work at Fayetteville State University. I am truly honored to serve as its Chancellor and I look forward to advancing the vision of FSU, together, with my Bronco Family.

Res non Verba. Deeds not Words.

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