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University Testing Services (UTS) is a testing center equipped with all of the necessary tools needed to ensure the ultimate testing experience for everyone. Our center is made accessible to all FSU students and members of the surrounding communities are more than welcome to schedule their exams at the center as well. There are a tremendous number of exams available for the purpose of admissions, class placement, graduation competency, licenses, credentials and professional certifications. Just name it, and our friendly staff will be happy to see when your exam can be accommodated!

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In addition to the services offered to FSU students, University Testing Services administers entrance exams required by professional schools such as the GRE, LSAT, and certification examinations for teachers such as the PRAXIS. Team up with us today, and we will help to create the ideal testing experience for you to pass and reach your academic goals!

Test Dates & Services

College Level Examination Program [CLEP]

CLEP tests will be administered by appointment on on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year. Testing sessions are approximately two hours in length. Tests are generally scheduled at 9:00 a.m.,and 2:00 p.m. Pre-registration is required. Click Register Online at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment. There is no "walk-in" testing available.

The new CLEP Official Study Guide is available to help students prepare to take new computer-based CLEP tests. The Guide includes 50 sample questions per subject and a "Sampler CD" which allows students to experience what it is like to answer test questions on the computer before they take one of the actual tests. The Guide will be available for inspection only in the the Testing Center, 116 Collins Bldg.Students wishing to purchase the CLEP Official Study Guide may do so by visiting A free sampler is available for download from the CLEP website noted above.CLEP Test Location - 116 Collins Administration Bldg.; Effective July 1, 2010 (test fee) - Fees - $80.00 per test; ( no charge to active duty military) payable to CLEP plus $28.50 non refundable service fee payable to FSU Testing Center. Pre- registration required;$15.00 rescheduling fee (Only cashier's checks, money orders, or credit cards accepted for payment).NOTE: Test fees and testing locations listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification.

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University Standard Test Equivalencies

CLEP Tests

Composition and Literature
    FSU Equivalent Credit Hours
COMPOSITION, Freshman 50 ENGL 110 3
ENGLISH COMPOSITION (with essay) 50 ENGL 110 3
HUMANITIES 50 HUMN 211 or 212 3


    FSU Equivalent Credit Hours
BIOLOGY 50 BIOL. 110,130 8
CHEMISTRY 50 CHEM 141, 141L, 161, 161L  8

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DANTES Program

Scheduled by appointment only. Contact University Testing Services at (910) 672-1815 or (910)672-1301 for specific information. Fees - $80.00 payable to DANTES Program plus $28.00 non refundable service fee payable to FSU (Total Fee = $108.00).Additionally, $15.00 rescheduling fee. (DANTES Program accepts credit cards only MasterCard and VISA) NOTE: Test fees and testing locations listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification. Click on Register Online at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.

Miller Analogies Test [MAT]

Test Center Code 4330
Test Fees - $78.50 ( non refundable), $15.00 (rescheduling fee) - Testing sessions are an hour in length. Tests are generally scheduled on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m.,1:30 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. Pre-registration is required. There is no "walk-in" testing available.Click on Register online at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.NOTE: Test fees and testing locations listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification.

University Placement Tests


Call 672-1815 or 672-1302 to get information on upcoming test dates. Note: The registration deadline is the date that your registration form must be received by University Testing Services at Fayetteville State University. Profile Exams are also available by appointment on computer. Prospective transfer students are encouraged to consider this option for your placement testing needs. To schedule an appointment for the Computerized Placement Tests, please call University Testing Services at (910) 672 -1302.

Profile Examinations are scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester.
Pre-registration is required.

For details concerning the location and times for Profile Exams,
please call (910) 672- 1815 or 672-1302. State University requires examinees to furnish picture identification for all tests.
Test fees and testing locations listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification.


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If you are a testing candidate who's registration tickets expire on or after March 1st you may be eligible to receive the CLEP exam voucher due to COVID- 19 Check it out

ETS Proficiency Profile

ETS Proficiency Profile FAQ

The Educational Testing Services (ETS) Proficiency Profile is a web-based assessment that is administered at multiple points throughout the academic tenure of students to assess mastery in core skills - reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking which are all critical for success in any career. The Proficiency Profile can be taken in a classroom setting or unproctored at home, the assessment takes 45 minutes and requires the ETS Online Testing Browser which can be downloaded at this link: The ETS Proficiency Profile provides a standardized assessment that complements the course-based evaluations of student progress.

Why shold students participate in the Proficiency Profile?

Students are required ot take the Proficiency Profile at various points throughout their time at Fayetteville State University.

  • Entering freshmen are required to satisfy the Entering Freshman Assessment requirement during their first semester. Early College students are exempt.
  • Juniors are required to take the Proficiency Profile during the Spring Semester, and
  • All Graduating Seniors are required to take the Proficiency Profile during the semester of their graduation to satisfy the Graduating Senior Assessment requirement

How does Fayetteville State University use the Proficiency Profile?

FSU uses the Proficiency Profile to assess how well our programs help students develop the skills and knowledge that make up our core learning outcomes: Criticial Thinking, Communication Skills, and Quantitative Reasoning. FSU wants to ensure that students graduate with the tools they need to be informed professionals and citizens. By giving the Proficiency Profile to freshman and seniors, we can gather longitudinal data which allows the University to measure student improvement during their undergraduate tenure. Additionally, in testing transfer students prior to graduation, we are able to gather cross-sectional data. Both sets of data are used to improve our programs and to serve students better.

What is on the Proficiency Profile?

Know the capabilities of your computer, network, and connection/WiFi. A weak connection won't support the exam session. Reference the following links for the latest equipment requirements and system check details:

The Proficiency Profile consists of four possible sections: reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics

College-level reading questions measure the students' ability to:

  • interpret the meaning of key terms
  • recognize the primary purpose of a passage
  • recognize explicitly presented information
  • make appropriate inferences
  • recognize rhetorical devices

College-level writing questions measure students' ability to:

  • recognize the most gramaticaly correct revision of a clause, sentence, or group of sentences
  • organize units of language for coherence and rhetorical effect
  • recognize and reword figurative language
  • organize elements of writing into larger units of meaning

Critical thinking questions measure students' ability to:

  • distinguish between rhetoric and argumentation in a piece of nonficiton prose
  • recognize assumptions
  • recognize the best hypothesis to account for the information presented
  • infer and interpret a relationship between variables
  • draw valid conclusions based on the information presented

Mathematics questions measure the students' ability to:

  • recognize and interpret mathematical terms
  • read and interpret tables and graphs
  • evaluate formulas
  • order and compare large and small numbers
  • interpret ratios, proportions, and percentages
  • read scientific measuring instruments
  • recognize and use equivalent mathematical formulas or expressions

Additionally, students can review sample questions by clicking here:

When can students take the Proficiency Profile?

Entering freshmen will be able to take the Proficiency Profile during their first semester prior to midterms

Juniors will be able to take the Proficiency Profile during the Spring Semester after midterms but prior to finals and can register for the assessment here.

Graduating seniors will be able to take the Proficiency Profile during their final semester after midterms but prior to finals, and can register for the assessment here.

What if I have problems or need assistance?

If you have any questions, please contact If you encouter any problems, contact ETS Technical Support at 1-800-514-8491 or by email at Business hours are 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Eastern Time). If you need help outside of those hours, call 1-800-514-8491 and select the option for after-hours assistance. The technician will be able to assist and provide guidance on getting your computer test ready.

Special Testing Accommodations

University Testing Services (UTS) is committed to providing outstanding service to all test takers, including individuals with special needs, and has established guidelines for Special Testing Accommodations available to students with disabilities to meet obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  1. Students requesting special accommodations need to apply with UTS each semester, University Testing Services, Room 134 Collins Building, (910) 672-1299.
  2. Instructors will be notified of students requiring test accommodations due to a disability through an email from UTS
  3. Faculty and students should discuss how testing accommodations will be provided with the student. If planning to use the resources of Testing Services, the student will need to call (910)672-1299 to make scheduling arrangements.
  4. Testing Services Accommodations available include extended time, solitary environment, computer, scribe and/or a reader. Testing Services will have a copy of each student's faculty notification memo on file in order to identify/verify what appropriate accommodations are necessary.
  5. Instructors are responsible for having exams at Testing Services in time for the scheduled exam and may choose how tests are to be returned to them. 
  7. In order to provide accommodations, Testing Services may require that a test be given at a time other than the regularly scheduled class period.
  8. Student accommodations will be met to the greatest extent possible. Students are assured "sufficient" not "preferred" accommodations under Section 504 and the ADA Preferences are not guaranteed nor required.
  9. All testing accommodations that are not provided by Testing Services should be requested through UTS.

Questions about these guidelines for testing of students with disabilities should be directed to University Testing Services at (910) 672-1299.


Information on this site is provided "as is" without warranty or representations of any kind, either express or implied. No responsibility or liability is accepted whether direct or indirect, as to the accuracy or quality of the information, nor for any consequence of its use. Use of this information is at your own discretion.

Weather Emergencies

The Office of University Testing Services looks at every testing appointment as a commitment. We strive to always be in place to honor our commitment to you and provide you with a premier testing environment that meets your needs while providing testing companies and providers the security that they require. However, sometimes we are unable to test due to an emergency that is often beyond our control.

Any time we are unable to administer a scheduled exam we take steps to alert affected examinees in a timely manner, but if you have not been contacted and still have questions either the evening prior to an exam or the morning of an exam please feel free to contact us.Of course in case of inclement weather conditions, or any natural emergency, some areas will be more affected than others, in which case all examinees are strongly urged to consider campus conditions and the weather conditions in their residential area, as well as law enforcement reports of road conditions, before making a decision whether to come to test. Should your local conditions not permit you to test, please contact our office (910-672-1301) and we will aid you in your rescheduling efforts.

Emergency Numbers

You should call one of the following numbers to discuss your options:

  GMAT 952-681-3680
  GRE 609-771-7670
  PRAXIS 609-771-7395
  TOEFL 609-771-7100