About Us - Bronco Pride

We come from a proud and distinguished history. FSU is the second oldest state assisted institution in North Carolina, founded by seven extraordinary black men in 1867 to provide education for black children.

Local Impact

FSU is a major economic driver to the regions' growth as one of the top three employers in the area (along with Ft. Bragg and the Cape Fear Valley Healthcare System).

Community Outreach

Our students and faculty frequently work, study and partner with the military, local businesses, non-profits, and institutions contributing more than 6,000 hours per semester through our service learning initiatives. Since 2009, we have given over 100,000 hours of service to the community.

Cultural Resource

FSU is also a major resource for cultural enrichment through our distinguished speaker program, our comprehensive performing and fine arts series as well as the new Seabrook Series. FSU hosts concerts, dance, music, art shows, and more.

We are committed to community outreach and partnership with public schools and indeed proud to be providers of economic opportunity and cultural enlightenment for those around us and throughout southeastern North Carolina.