Chancellor Darrell T. Allison

Chancellor Allison’s Bio

Darrell T. Allison is the 12th chief executive officer and chancellor of Fayetteville State University, the second-oldest public university in the UNC System. He has led FSU to numerous achievements and accolades and has positioned the university for even greater influence and impact. A responsive and results-driven leader, Chancellor Allison has also bolstered stakeholder and community engagement, with benefits accruing to the university and the broader Sandhills region.

During his tenure at FSU, Chancellor Allison has worked successfully to boost institutional resources, leading to widespread campus enhancements and improvements. In 2021, he led FSU to an historic $164 million state budget appropriation that will strengthen institutional infrastructure and programs for years to come. Funds are enabling a multi-year campus revitalization effort and include extensive repairs and renovations as well as construction of new residence halls, a College of Education building, and parking deck. Other campus revitalization efforts include moving the University Health and Wellness Center to campus and establishing the Bronco One Stop, which centralizes student services in one convenient on-campus location.

Chancellor Darrell Allison
Chancellor Darrell T. Allison

Another key focus area for Chancellor Allison has been improving college affordability and access in order to maximize student success. He secured FSU’s participation in the NC Promise Tuition Plan, which leverages state dollars to subsidize the cost of tuition for all enrolled students, and he used COVID relief funding to clear $1.6 million in student debt, amassed during the pandemic. His 30-60-90 Summer School Program has provided scholarships to FSU students for summer school classes, with the goal of optimizing their on-time graduation.

Chancellor Allison is also working to broaden FSU’s reach with targeted student populations, providing more effective outreach, services, and resources to adult learners and military-connected students. His efforts have helped position FSU as a national leader with military-connected students. In 2021, FSU was the top-ranked “Best for Vets” college among all four-year HBCUs in Military Times’ annual ranking. The Military Order of the Purple Heart has also designated FSU as a Purple Heart University, in recognition of FSU’s support of veterans and their families. FSU is the first of 16 UNC System schools to receive this honor.

In addition to strengthening institutional infrastructure and programs, Chancellor Allison is building stakeholder engagement and deepening FSU’s community impact. During his first year in office, he raised over $2 million in private philanthropy support from key university stakeholders. A known bridge-builder, Chancellor Allison has also established important community partnerships and investments. He negotiated the debt-free acquisition of Bronco Square, which includes space to support small businesses and local entrepreneurs and will serve as an engine for enterprise in the Fayetteville area.

Chancellor Allison’s career as a transformational leader in education spans several decades and has included advocacy for historically underserved students at both the state and national level. Prior to his appointment as chancellor, he served as the vice president for governmental affairs and state teams at the American Federation for Children, working to expand educational opportunity for disadvantaged students nationwide. During his 2017-20 tenure on the UNC Board of Governors, he chaired the Board’s inaugural Historically Minority-Serving Institutions (HMSI) Committee, advocating successfully for more equitable funding for HMSIs as well as programming and research dollars for these schools. In addition, he served on a number of other key committees, driving support for multi-million-dollar technology upgrades, and ushering in cost savings. He was also tapped to chair the UNC System’s inaugural Racial Equity Task Force.

Earlier governance experience has encompassed service on the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Board of Trustees as well as the NCCU Chancellor Search Committee. In 2017, Chancellor Allison endowed a scholarship fund at NCCU in honor of his late father, Thomas Allison.

A North Carolina native, Chancellor Allison holds a Juris Doctor degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and a bachelor’s degree from NCCU. He and his wife La Nica are the proud parents of two daughters.

Letters from the Chancellor

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am deeply disturbed by the reports of bomb threats directed at HBCUs throughout our country.  I vehemently condemn these acts and stand in solidarity with all HBCU Chancellors and Presidents as we face, in the light of these threats, the unprecedented challenge of ensuring the health and safety of our university community. At FSU, we are working behind the scenes to stay prepared to protect our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

I am encouraged by the active engagement of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in seeking to end these threats and bring the perpetrators to justice. Until that time, I ask that you stay vigilant and if you see anything suspicious, please immediately contact FSU's Police and Public Safety Department at 910-672-1911.

Darrell T. Allison

Congratulatory Remarks

“I want to congratulate you on becoming our 12th Chancellor of FSU, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to come and speak to you personally. I would like to come speak to you again soon.”
- Orlando Campbell

“It is my great pleasure to congratulate you on your appointment as 12th Chancellor of Fayetteville State University. You are so deserving and will be, without a doubt, both a blessing and an asset to the university. I am positive that FSU will grow under your able leadership. The faculty, students, and the staff are truly blessed to have you at the helm. I wish you the absolute best and God’s richest blessings and favor upon you in this new endeavor. Congratulations, Chancellor!
We are so proud of you, Chancellor!”
- Paul Boaheng

“Chancellor-Elect Darrell T. Allison serves as a pioneering North Carolina Central University graduate who paves the way for aspiring scholars. On behalf of NCCU’s Board of Trustees, students, faculty, staff and alumni, I offer congratulations to our esteemed alumnus and former member of our Board of Trustees. The Eagle community is excited about this milestone achievement for Chancellor-Elect Allison, who is also a generous supporter of our institution. I know that he believes in the transformative power of higher education and continuously demonstrates his commitment and passion as an advocate for those seeking higher education.”
- Chancellor Johnson Akinleye, North Carolina Central University

“I have known Darrell T. Allison for many years. He is a strong, collaborative leader. I truly believe that he will make an excellent leader for FSU.”
- North Carolina Senator Dan Blue, 14th District

“This will be an extraordinary opportunity for Fayetteville and our region. I’m confident that with Chancellor Allison at the helm, FSU is on the threshold of major growth and advancement.”
- North Carolina Senator Ben Clark, 21st District

“My dream is that your greatest achievement at Fayetteville State University will be preparing the next generation of phenomenal leaders who will make our world a better place for all persons. It is my hope that you will succeed in providing stellar leadership as the 12th Chancellor of this remarkable institution. As you succeed in your new role, Fayetteville State University will reap the benefits. Fayetteville State University’s future rests on your remarkable and dedicated leadership. GO BRONCOS!”
- Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman, FSU ’70, former president of Wilberforce University, Livingston College, and Martin University

“Darrell T. Allison has a long a history of dedication to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). As a graduate of a HBCU, he knows that a quality education can transform a student’s life and will impact not only the student, but the student’s family and community. Fayetteville State University will have a new leader in Allison who will bring innovation and resources to a great university and make it greater.”
- David Green, former UNC System Faculty Assembly Chair, NCCU School of Law

“I am excited to see Darrell T. Allison take the helm at Fayetteville State University. During his time as chair of the HMSI committee and the Racial Equity Task Force, I saw him navigate through tough issues with a spirit of partnership. He will be a great advocate for students at FSU and I look forward to seeing what’s to come.”
- Isaiah Green, ASG President and BOG Member, UNC Asheville

“Congratulations FSU and Chancellor Darrell T. Allison! I believe this is a positive step in the right direction for the university and Cumberland County. Bronco Pride!”
- North Carolina Representative Marvin Lucas, 42nd District, FSU ’64

“I am excited about the future of Fayetteville State University and look forward to working with Chancellor Darrell T. Allison. I am confident that he will be a great asset to our institution.”
- North Carolina Representative Garland Pierce, 48th District, FSU ’77

“I look forward to working with Darrell T. Allison and this great institution in the days ahead.”
- North Carolina Representative Robert Rieves, 54th District

“It was through Darrell T. Allison’s vision and leadership that the Collaboratory was able to commit $6 million to our HMSI campuses for COVID-19 research. I look forward to working with Chancellor-elect Allison in his new role for the next big research partnership between the Collaboratory and FSU that I’m sure is right around the corner.”
- Dr. Jeff Warren, Executive Director, North Carolina Policy Collaboratory, UNC-Chapel Hill